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February 15 2007

CBR's SLAYING ALIVE: Whedon Talks "BtVS" Comic. A long article about next month's triumphant return of "Buffy the Vampire Slayer." A lot of old info inter-mixed with some seemingly new stuff. A brief bit about Astonishing, too.

Uh...maybe I'm completely whacked out here, but check the link and look at the 2nd or 3rd clickable image from Buffy #1. Now, to me, it looks like we got ourselves a bit of a wink-wink nudge nudge because the shirt Buffy's wearing looks like it's got the Serenity logo on the front.

Wouldn't that be just utterly brilliant?

Now, to me, it looks like we got ourselves a bit of a wink-wink nudge nudge because the shirt Buffy's wearing looks like it's got the Serenity logo on the front.

That was the concensus when that page was first online weeks ago. It's a cool reference.

A great article there. Yes, we knew a lot of that info already, but I liked reading about how he's working with the other writers to plan their issues and where the story might be headed... and the fact it could go on forever!
Yeah, someone had posted a link to a graphic where someone zoomed in on the image and coloured in the logo to show that it's the Serenity logo. What I'm wonder is did Joss throw the reference in there or was artist Georges Jeanty that was responsible.

The greatest thing about the interview is that Joss says if the comic is selling and he has more stories to tell, he has no intention on stopping the Buffy comic! Woohoo! Now the only question is if it continues, I wonder if "season 8" will keep going or will the big story arc come to an end and start again with "season 9"?
It says he has an arc that would end season 8, then it could be a knew season after that.
well, I could *swear* he used to have a bigger version of it up on his site, but the person I linked to in an earlier post this evening about Xander's new gig, buffycomics, still has this small image of the "alternate" cover to BtVS S8 #1--

--in which the Serenity shirt can be distinctly seen. the cover's apparently gonna be used on another Dark Horse compilation comic (maybe Joss is doing a short story for it...?)
Love the fact that this 'season' continues to grow. Started at around 22 issues, then 26 ish, now it's sounding a bit like, 'while we have stories that fit the season arc and writers to write them'. And then the possibility of more 'seasons'. Also down with the not-hand-holding cos, though I obviously welcome new fans/readers, i'd hate the entire first arc to be taken up with trying to fill in 7 years of backstory for newbs.

Do we think it's AXM #21 he's late with so that the 2/3 month delay might actually be Joss' fault ? I'd've thought he'd already sent that one to Cassaday (i.e. before the delay was announced) but maybe not.

(not attaching any blame, BTW, these things happen, especially when you've as many irons in the fire as The Purple Pimp. Ernel, I meant Pimpernel ;)
Another great article. It's nice hearing Joss talk about his love for these characters. We love them too Joss.
The wait is almost over. Next month is March. Woo Hoo.
Riley! That makes me happy. Please don't stone me.
I dont think its difficult for Joss to sum up what has happened before, just a few bits and pieces there, its no like people need to know xander was kidnapped by a big bug etc...

He managed to introduce the verse in serenity in the first few minutes.
Joss: "It's not Gwen Stacy bones the Green Goblin, okay?"

That sentence will probably end up on mugs or tee-shirts pretty soon...
No, Yorick, I don't think fans are willing to put a terribly retconed history out in the open like that. No matter how funny Joss makes it.
Great interview. Some truly brilliant quotes.

This was my favorite:

"If there's juice, fire up the machine. If you're starting to make them because people are buying them, then stop. If you stop having stories to tell, walk away. Don't let it be that thing."

But...yeah...that Goblin/Gwen thing. My Lord. That brings back bad memories.
Good interview, and it's great to hear that the number of issues just keeps on expanding.
I am so excited about this series, and it's ever increasing length.

However, oddly enough, my favorite thing from this interview is Joss saying he's thinking of bringing back people like Riley. That's not to say I am a Riley fan (I'm not), it's just very exciting to me that we're going to see the broadening buffyverse.

Yay to in continuity Buffy comics.

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Yes! Now Joss has another chance to kill Riley off.

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