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February 16 2007

It's "Buffy meets horoscopes"! Read how the BBC likes to describe its new online teen drama. Somewhere a Buffy loving TV license fee payer is scratching his head.

I have developed a brilliant new way to market any commodity to those teens, who love Buffy (which hasn't been on the air for nearly four years).

Battlestar Galactica - It's space opera meets Buffy.

CSI - It's forensic science meets Buffy.

Transformers: The Movie - It's giant alien robot invasion meets Buffy.

The Rolling Stones - It's aging British rock band meets Buffy.

Downy Fabric Softener - It's soft fluffy laundry meets Buffy.

Breathing - It's anti-asphyxiation meets Buffy.

I'm gonna make a million in the marketing business.
But how do you advertise BtVS? It's Buffy meets Buffy? That's only true for about three episodes :p
I have to admit, this is the funniest Variety article I've read in a long while. What crack are the BBC smoking? They've spent a few million with the creators of Big Brother on an online 'series' which allows Myspace horrorscopes, that they compare to 'Buffy'?

Anyone else wondering if "Buffy" != BtVS here?

(I've been doing too much programming today. != is not equals.)
But how do you advertise BtVS?

How would you advertise Angel? It's Buffy without Buffy?
That is confusing.
Actually, Simon, quite a few Buffy-loving licence-fee-payers are doing more than scratching their heads, they are tearing out hair in clumps. Why can't they just do a repeat of BtVS or show AtS from the beginning if they want something Buffylike to appeal to teens?
Ahh....I'm a Leo, does that help? Yeah, didn't think so.
Okay, I did a little searching online for the skinny on this "show," since the Variety article was odd and the comparison seemed so off-base and surreal as to be almost incomprehensible.

There's very little actual info about the "series" around yet - most stories are simply re-writes of the BBC's press release, and I can't yet find info about it at their site.

Ashley Highfield, the BBC's director of future media and technology, apparently has a mandate (and a budget) to win back youthful viewers, who have been hemorrhaging from their audience in droves. One of his plans to achieve this involves the infrawebs:

"Speaking at the Broadcasting Press Guild lunch he said, 'The internet is a new creative medium but original content ideas are still thin on the ground.'

'The web is not just a way of getting TV out. We need to rethink the idea that if something is successful it goes to BBC One. We need to perhaps think that something is successful if it is a success on YouTube.' "

He also stated that "Signs of Life" will be "wrapped in interactivity", and is the "most ambitious internet format to date" and that "the £800,000 budget for the series, which consists of eight 20-minute episodes, is a comparable budget to a typical TV drama." (Miss lonelyheart15, look out! The competition - Endemol UK, of Big Brother, etc. fame - has got a serious budget.) He emphasized that the online show was not simply a "choose the ending" style interactive entertainment, and he said the Buffy-meets-horoscope thingy.

I also found, "C21 Media understands the Endemol project is being steered through by BBC head of interactive drama and entertainment Sophie Walpole but is also likely to involve BBC Radio 1 controller Andy Parfitt, who also became the corporation’s ‘teen tsar’ in a recent restructure."

Yet none of this hype touched on the show's content, nor said anything that could remotely explain the Buffy reference, other than a wrenching desire to win back a youthful audience.

Aha! Finally I found this in a TV technie's blog, which sheds a teeny bit of light: "The show, which aims to target the key, late-teenage demographic that is declining on the BBC's broadcast channels, will be set in a village in Suffolk where 'strange things happen.' "

(This same techie also said, " 'Course, Buffy would kick horoscopes' arse, but that's a whole other conversation.")

See - "strange things happen," in a village that is no doubt the Suffolk equivalent of Sunnydale! When strange things happen, it is Buffy-like... Don't you guys get it? Strange things are gonna happen... How more Buffy-like could it be?!!?

Strange things happen in a village = Buffy and then add in the horoscopes. It's just simple mathematics! (Did you remember to carry the vampire?) Don't be so thick!

Finally, since actors must be always looking for work and keep their credits updated, I dug up a couple of folks who are in it: here, here, and here.

(So, can you tell I have the day off? My work here is done - no, don't thank me - so if you'll excuse me, I'm going to spend the rest of the day online catching up on missed episodes of the U.S. The Office...)

Buffy meets horoscopes = Hex meets episodic random-mood-swings

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I have bad news for them. I know a bunch of Buffy fans, and they're all, like 40 years old.
I don't believe in horoscopes. Us Leo's are very cynical like that.
Yes, zz9, it is true. We are. Wouldn't you agree, Madhatter?
And thank you , QG for the remarkable elucidation of this somewhat confusing article. I'm not sure I know any more but I don't know less.
I have bad news for them. I know a bunch of Buffy fans, and they're all, like 40 years old.

Buffy is so last year (or four), it's perhaps only us oldies who have the money and inclination to buy the box-sets and rewatch episodes rather than getting a babysitter before we can even consider going down the pub.
Qg, I'm still not sure I get it. I think its all the math.
mifeng, try looking at it this way*:

x = (p - h)t+h


a1x1 + a2x2 + anxn = b

or try using this one (((PvQ) & ~P)-> Q) and plug in "Buffy" and "horoscopes" and you're all set!

See? It's all in the wrists.

*All math and logic guaranteed to be 100% QuoterGal-fabricated. Must be over 18 to apply. Accept no substitutes. Add sales tax where applicable. Offer may not be valid in Utah, Alabama or Tennesee. All Math is Simply HorrifyingTM is a registered trademark of QuoterGal/Dark Witch of Doom Enterprises.

[ edited by Simon on 2007-02-17 02:53 ]
Boy that was the most fun fixing ever :).
Couldn't quite follow your workings there QG, you may have missed a step. Up to and including "all maths" ;).

I'm gonna go with the duck analogy. If it looks like bollocks and sounds like bollocks then it's probably bollocks. Luckily for you guys in the Rest Of The World, it's only us that have to pay for it ;). The whole thing absolutely reeks of 'focus group'.

(there's some cool stuff in a potentially similar vein going on over at the Stargate studios though. Seems to be predicated on the honour system which would make it an interesting experiment even if it didn't have Amanda Tapping in it ;)
Simon: "Boy that was the most fun fixing ever :)."

Fixing!!??!! But, geez, Simon, I quite liked the way I had it - it looked totally cool.

Oh, ooops, do you mean the way I coded it was screwing up something? Like when someone doesn't close a tag and we all start speaking in italics!!!


If that's the case, Simon, I'm so sorry.

Saje, my mother was frightened by an especially terrifying quadratic equation while she was carrying me, and consequently any maths of any kind that I speak are simply fabricated and quite, quite horrifying to me.

Please stand by, Lioness, still crunching these numbers from our favorite QuoterGal......Oh, I got it! It the deviation of the sunspots has on the cusp of the moon. Thank goodness we got that figured out.

Everyone, thank you so much! I haven't laugh that hard in quite awhile.:)
I've been trying to figure out the math, and I'm not as bad at math as many of you, as I figure it, but this doesn't work out in math.

So since there is neither science nor philosophy to support, I recommend rejection of this.

[ edited by dreamlogic on 2007-02-18 07:13 ]
There's more info about it here
Can't begin to figure out how to do a Quote!
Re. "There's more info about it here" .... really confused now. As for the original artical, it made me shudder in more ways than one. As a professional astrologer with more than twenty years experience, can I just say that there is no such thing as a "star sign"?
Love that the Leos are the only ones who mentioned their signs .... heeeeee.

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