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February 16 2007

(SPOILER) Dwight Schrute the Vampire Slayer. "Oh, so that's why the folks at The Office had Joss Whedon direct tonight's episode".

If the mods prefer we post these links in the Feb. 15 thread about Joss's "The Office," let us know. Lots of these articles coming out today.
You know it's been that long since a Joss episode has been on the telly, I had to dust off the manual. This is fine. Back in the day, we had a posters' discussion thread and the odd review linked to as well on the front page. So if anyone else has spotted some nice reviews, please do link (not copy and paste them) into this thread right here ummm right now.

For example: here's one at

Clickity click to read.
Sigh, I want my Joss TV.....
Simon, I get an error message when I click your link.

This blog/review at Entertainment Weekly has some good points, but doesn't mention Joss Whedon at all (?):

Gone Batty
Here's one from Chana Shwadlenak at TV Guide:

February 15, 2007: Business School.
Tonya, I think Simon's link would be good - it's just that the entire ifMagazine site is down at the moment... And pretty weird that EW writer Abby West devoted over 900 words to the episode, but failed to mention Joss Whedon. Many of the article's commenters caught it - and one writer noted that "Josh" did an excellent job of directing.
Yeah, the site is down, no one panic.

Once again with this Josh Wheadon guy. We must hunt him down;)
I didn't realize that last night was the Joss episode. I HATE the Office, and was only watching it to kill time before Supernatural. I should have known something was up when I laughed my ass off through the whole thing.
I posted a link to this review in the other thread but it's so good, I'm postin' it again! Televisionary.
Here's a review from Jay Black at TV Squad:
The Office: Business School
Thanks for the link, Salocin.

I loved the episode. I miss Joss on TV.
Huh. Roy and Skip are played by the same guy. Heh. That never occured to me before.
I only had a chance to read the Televisionary review, but I have one bone to pick. The criticism of the awkwardness of the Jim/Pam scene in "Ben Franklin" is kind of silly, given that the point of the scene is that both characters are horribly ill-at-ease with each other. The breakroom scene (where Jim and Pam are even filmed by two entirely different cameras, so that they seem to be in different worlds!) was jarring, and maybe not that entertaining, but I think it got its point across visually very well.

Oh, but yes, this episode was very, very awesome. One of the season's best. I loved Roy's attempt to earn brownie points (he's trying, but he doesn't really get it), Jim and Karen joining up to mock Dwight instead of Jim and Pam, Michael's perfect speech ("and then you will win...100 grand!"), Michael's hurt reaction to Ryan's comments and putting him in the annex, and Michael actually being sweet to Pam, with the caveat. Oh, yeah, and the whole wacky bat thing, Jim pretending to be a vampire, and the brilliantly farcical Dwight/Meredith/platic bag scene. (Also, Creed stole every scene he was in.)

And wait, Roy is Skip? Why did I not realize this? It suddenly fits.
So, wait, WilliamTheB -- if Roy is Skip, then does that mean Ben is Glory? ;-)
What I've always wondered: are Clare Kramer and Charlie Weber actually the same person too? 'Cause that would be neat.
Good question, WTB. Maybe we can ask the Browncoats who went to La Cantina during B3. I mean, if they saw Clare all evening, and Charlie never showed up, well, there's your answer! ;-)
I'm pretty sure Charlie just sublets from Claire.

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