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July 28 2002

Once More in Digital Quality. Rounder Records have 'Once More with Feeling', the soundtrack to S6's musical episode listed under 'new releases' with a September 17 release date.

... here's hoping it will contain outtakes too.

Speaking of outtakes: worth checking out is the OMWF 'Behind the scenes' special, available on your neighborhood filesharing-app, no doubt.
Dangit, Pro! Ya beat me to it. I saw this info at Cross & Stake earlier today, but to me it looks like wishful thinking. When one goes to the Rounder site all one sees is a title and a date. Not very inspiring to me. So I've been digging up the 'Net the past half hour trying to conjure up some more definitive proof. Going to all the OMWF haunts I've found over the past year & dug up a couple new ones I didn't know about before. So far I've come up with bupkus. For example, do a search at and you'll find a number of albums named "Once More With Feeling", but Rosie Flores is no Slayer, and Doc Severinsen is no Watcher. I found out that some guy at is trying to pass on a "a high quality promo CD of the music from the Buffy musical episode" but I can't tell if it's one of those CDs allegedly given out when Whedon was trying to get Emmy voters to consider Buffy for this years awards, or if it's some kinda homespun illegal bootleg ripoff. I honestly don't know. I'm not against bootlegs personally but I am against selling them for profit.

There is of course, ChosenTwo's adorable homage to the musical episode which went online practically the same day it first aired. I highly recommend checking them out. It was good then and it's great now. Some major effort and a whole lotta love has been put into it. Nice job. Then there's Paralegalator which has this inspiring idea to do all we can as Whedon fans to push the soundtrack up to Platinum Status by buying as many copies as we can. That's nice. Unfortunately almost a year later we still can't find copies to buy, so that kinda puts a damper on the enthusiasm. They do suggest who to write to in hopes of speeding up things, but to me it reads too much like writing one's congressman and that's never done me a bit of good, except get a cute form letter to hang on my wall. I mean, Napster's still an undead zombie and my favorite internet radio site riograndemud is in a crypt, thanks to congress. Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison is such a corporate whore.

BuffyGuide is no help. Allegedly if they ever get wind of it they'll post it on that page, but OMWF is still in limbo from what I can see. ...Hello, what's this? Cinescape quoted Whedon as saying, "We’re trying to get a soundtrack CD put out with the songs from the episode, and I think that eventually we will, but it takes a lot of legal wrangling because there’s so many actors and so many companies involved." This was only a month ago. Could things have suddenly sped up that quickly? Out of the blue? Another lookout post for OMWF info might be Buffy Music. I'm sure if anything's ever solidified, these guys will update their page soon as they wake up that morning. They're a little.. obsessed about music on Buffy in general. In fact that whole site's cool if you wanna find out what band played what song when Buffy was doing that thing with that.. other thing.. y'know?

Though I won't link to it directly, there ARE places on the Web where one can find mp3s of all the songs. In fact I've had my own CD copy of the Once More With Feeling soundtrack for over six months. I made it from scratch. The mp3s I found though were low quality. I had to tweak them a bit in a wav/mp3 editing program, and I still plan to buy the 'official' soundtrack if it ever comes out just cuz my copy is about 80% optimum. I'm hoping the store bought version is an improvement.
There no longer is any info on this album on the Rounder Records website...

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