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May 02 2003

'Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Philosophy' Released. Both Peter David and Entertainment Weekly cover this new book release.

Peter David says, "I mean, honestly, how can anyone pass up an essay volume that includes such papers as 'Also Sprach Faith: The Problem of the Happy Rogue Vampire Slayer,' 'Feminism and the Ethics of Violence: Why Buffy Kicks Ass,' ''My God, It's Like a Greek Tragedy': Willow Rosenberg and Human Irrationality,' 'High School is Hell: Metaphor Made Literal,' and my personal favorite, 'A Kantian Analysis of Moral Judgment in Buffy [the] Vampire Slayer.'"

Meanwhile, Entertainment Weekly (in the May 9th issue on page 82) says its "...subjects include Willow as an Aristotelian Tragic Hero (she's not), Angel as a Kantian Rational Being (he is), and Buffy and her gang as Marxist heroes, 'the 'primitive rebels' of leftist lore and scholarship.' (Okay.)"

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