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February 16 2007

New Joe Fridays Week 35. Two Joss mentions this week. Re: Runaways stint and fashioning the new landscape of a universe (it's sort of his thing)!

Any word on what he's going to do after Runaways in terms of comics? I'm really hoping he gets attached to another marvel comics project, maybe even a 3rd run on AXM.
Only six issues! AWWWWWWW. I wonder who's the special person is who's gonna take over.
Hm, I was very convinced that even though he's only on six issues now that there was a good chance that they'd want to extend his work on the series if he could commit, like what I think happened to Astonishing. This implies otherwise, and I already want to speculate despite how his issues haven't even come out yet...
I'm kinda annoyed about it. Six issues isn't so much a run on a book as it is an interruption.

Oh well, maybe the very special person is Brian K Vaughan who just couldn't stay away. :-)
Wasn't it known a wee while back that Joss would only be doing six issues?
Wasn't it known a wee while back that Joss would only be doing six issues?

If I remember correctly Joss confirmed that he was only doing six issues of Runaways during the Fanboy Radio interview a while back.
Wow, 6 issues ? If I knew that i'd forgotten (or maybe just blocked it out). That really is barely a run at all.

Still, bright side (yeah, I can't believe I said that either ;) with Joss apparently up to a year ahead on 'Buffy', AXM presumably starting to wind down and 'Wonder Woman' off the slate that leaves him plenty of time to devote to 'Goners' and/or other new stuff (even, dare we hope, a new TV show ?).

(no pressure Boss, most here will settle for perfection though personally I hope you pull the stops out and aim a bit higher ;-)
Yeah, that's what I thought. Very well, back up your topic please.
Yeah, I'd call that more of a storyline than a run. But six issues of Joss is still better than a year from a lot of writers so I'll live.

I'd really like to see what Joss could do with the Avengers, to be honest. I've always seen the group dynamic to be well suited to how he writes and many of the characters are ideal for him. Can you imagine a Joss Whedon written Avengers team featuring the likes of Captain America, Hawkeye, She Hulk, Quicksilver, Vision, Spidey and the Scarlet Witch (you all know she will be back on the team sooner or later, hehe).

Better yet, give him the chance to create a team of his own, maybe with a couple of characters he creates himself mixed in with whatever Marvel superheroes he wants to use. With what is going on with the Initiative (Marvel one, not the Riley one) at the moment there would never be a more appropriate time to do it.
I somehow missed the "only 6 issues". That is a real shame. But if it also means more time devoted to something involving actors, I can live with it. Happily.
Before, it was only said that he was definitely doing six issues--it wasn't absolutely confirmed he was off the book after that. So, you know, optimism allowed me to think the best.

And of course those six issues will undoubtedly be a terrific story, but what a book like this really needs is a strong, long-term direction and consistently is its subplots, and that is always hurt by creative team shifts.
Considering Joe Straczynski is leaving 'Amazing Spider-Man' around June... I'd loooooove to see Peter Parker and friends written by Joss :)
I'd like to see him do Captian America myself, and he himself has expressed intrest in that character. (Or at least if I'm remembering that Wizard issue correctly.) Or we could always see his X-Men team of "No Wolverine".
I'd like to see him concentrate on his original creator-owned stuff, not already-established superhero books.

An exclusively Joss-written Firefly mini-series, more Fray like he's hinted he'd go back to, or a completely new Joss indie comic unrelated to anything he's done before (like Goners is for his big-screen projects). He could handle one of those alongside overseeing and occasionally dipping his pen into the Buffy Season 8 comic, along with whichever filmed project garners his attention next (Goners is looking most likely...?).

Obviously it comes down to doing what he'll enjoy though, or in the case of other people's characters/titles, what he's offered. If something like Avengers comes his way and he's really into it, he should do what makes him happy.

The fanboy wishing and speculation is fun nonetheless.
We know Joss is mostly a Marvel fanboy (I mean if we can actually call the boss a boy). Still, I dream of a day of reading a somewhat original run from Joss, in a DC book.

What would be cool and interesting for his next Marvel project, would be Joss creating something unique for Marvel, which could be something in the line of Ellis and Larroca's "New Universal" or even Neil Gaiman's 1602. So Joss would be allowed to write something original in some extent, and still use the characters or even concepts from the universe he really likes.

Just pair him once more with John Cassaday and we might be seeing another classic.
Brian Vaughan said yesterday that he's actually kept up his comics writing pace since he started at Lost (a rate of about one issue a week) - so it's entirely possible that he could be coerced into returning to Runaways.
What else does Vaughan write again, besides Y: The Last Man and Ex Machina (that one I'm eagerly waiting to jump on as soon as they have another couple trades out) ? He's finished his run on Runaways (though I don't believe his final issue, #24, has been released yet) and he's joined the Lost writing team (slated for how many eps this season?), was there something he was writing in the Ultimate line as well ?
He wrote a couple of Ultimate X-Men plot arcs. His recently released 'Pride of Baghdad' graphic novel has been highly praised.
Is he finished on Ultimate X-Men, or did he just start recently?

I forgot about Pride of Baghdad. Went nuts over the solicitation and almost pre-ordered that one, but then decided I should wait for the softcover and save some bucks. Hardcover pretty though, yes. Aware that I could be in for a wait of one to two years for the flimsy.

Wonder which episode of Lost is his. It's not the next two, I can see that from the credits that have been released so far.
Kris, Ex Machina has four trade paperbacks out now, so I'd say dive in.

Vaughan is done with his Ultimate X-Men run. He did vols. 9 to 13 (also collected in oversized hardcovers 5 and 6). It's great stuff, with Vaughan's usual powerful character moments. (I'd recommend getting those collections and then getting out while the going's good. The next writer, Robert Kirkman, is ruining the series for me.)

I'm in the same boat with Pride of Baghdad. The Marvel HCs are quite affordable because they collect so many issues, but with the DC/Vertigo stuff I always wait for the softcover. So that mean looong waits for Pride, for 1001 Nights of Snowfall, for Silverfish...

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