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February 16 2007

IGN's list of favorite TV couples...Buffy and Angel at #2. This may be a little late, but it's interesting how high this classic couple was on the list. Wash and Zoe are also on the list, as are Jim and Pam from "The Office."

for the most part I've accepted that Buffy and Angel (the shows) are over, but when I read something like this it just makes me miss them again.... they were sooo good. Hopefully, the new comics will help fill the void, and that Angel will make an appearance ... even a small one.
That would be a dream come true resa. I can't accept never seeing Sarah and David resuming the roles again, nor can I except never seeing Joss bring forth the emotion from these actors regarding these characters. Joss brings something out of both Sarah and David that I haven't seen duplicated in other roles. He is magic. We can always dream that one fine day the stars will line up and we'll get our wish. Til then, this comic is going to kick ass.

Nice to see Buffy and Angel make another list. Love the Angelus reference. It's my favorite arc on the series.
It's hilarious that we're starting to mention "the Office" related things as 'whedonesque'. I know it's probably just temporary, but still...

You'd think an article that knew to use "shanshu" would know how to spell Angelus.

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Nice mention for Buffy and Angel.
That's a great photo of them, too. And how about "if you only go by the events of the TV can pretend [Wash & Zoe] lived happily ever after!" Sigh...
No Farscape's John and Aeryn? I say BAH! to this list.

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You could have honestly populated this list with a number of relationships from Joss' shows. I mean, you could have:

1) Buffy and Angel

2) Buffy and Spike

3) Willow and Tara

4) Wes and Fred

5) Wash and Zoe

6) Mal and Inara

7) Angel and Cordelia

8) Simon and Kaylee

9) Xander and Cordelia

10) Xander and Anya

There! An entire list consisting of couples that make Joss fans go "Squee!" for one reason another;D
Agreed. :) All those couples from this wonderful Universe were in the running to make the list.
You did leave a few out though...

11. Willow and Oz

12. Wes and Lilah

13. Cordelia and Groo

15. Spike and Dru

16. Spike and Harmony

17. Buffy and Riley

18. Angelus and Darla

19. Fred and Gun

20. Spike and the Buffybot
My top 10 television couples:
1. Buffy and Spike
2. Jim and Pam
3. Veronica and Logan
4. Wesley and Fred
5. Buffy and Angel
6. Gauis and Number Six
7. Mal and Inara
8. Jin and Sun
9. Kaylee and Simon
10. Sydney and Vaughn

There's plenty more good ones, many from Joss' shows, but those are my favorites.
I'm with the BAH! for the lack of John Crichton and Aeryn Sun. If any television couple deserve to be on a list with the likes of Buffy and Angel, it would be those two. Although technically that particular couple would be a threesome.

If you don't know what I'm talking about them go buy the DVDs right away. You don't know what you have been missing! ;)

And yeah, great choice of photo of SMG and DB. Sarah looks especially stunning in that pic.
1. Donna and Josh (the West Wing)
2. Luke and Lorelai (Gilmore Girls)
3. Homer and Marge (the Simpsons)
4. Jeremy and Natalie (Sports Night)
5. Kira and Odo (Deep Space Nine)
6. Simon and Kaylee (Firefly)
7. Wesley and Fred (Angel)
8. Adam and Rachel (Cold Feet)
9. Fry and Leela (Futurama)
10. Spike and Buffy (Buffy)
Thing is the other 9 were all "after my time" ie. were on shows I didn't watch (well my wife forced me to watch _Cosby_ for a while but I disliked it mightily) so I can't evaluate the list.

Obviously, and rightly for the purposes of the list, he means couples whose relationships yielded on-screen story fireworks. Most Dramatic TV- Couples as a subtitle perhaps.

If I drew up a list of my own (soemthing I don't really do) I'd list them by Best-matched Characters and include Rob and Laura, Lucy and Ricky, Ralph and Alice, and have Willow and Tara in first place, and probably Xander and Anya or Wesley and Fred (not both) further down. (And I'm a Republican, too, go figure.)

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Mine are:

Nuse Chapel/Spock
Laura/Remington Steele
Bob/Emily (first Bob Newhart show)
o.k., I'll play :)

Buffy and Angel
Spike and Dru
Willow and Oz, although I adored Willow and Tara
Wes and Lilah
Bo and Hope
Elliot and Olivia (Yep, still hoping on that one)
Catherine and Vincent
Laura and Remington Steele
Sam and Diane

Also loved Mike and Carol Brady. No, I'm not kidding. How cool is that 4 of my all time favorite couples came straight out of Joss's head? I will truly never be the same again.
cheryl your list looks somewhat like mine! Contributing to the fun:

Catherine and Vincent
Tim and Daisy
Jean-Luc and Beverly
Buffy and Angel
Mal and Inara
Luke and Laura
Sam and Diane
Archie and Edith
Willow and anyone except Kennedy
Samantha and Darren
Ok, mine are (and this is in no particular order)
Aeryn Sun/Crighton
Brennan/Booth (Bones)
Lois/Clark (Lois and Clark)
I know its not Buffy news but...
What was the deal with Mulder and Sculley on that list? The writer kept saying "we don't know if they were a couple, and that we need a movie to tell us."
They had a KID together, and they were together on the run in the final episode.
Anyone who watched the last three seasons would know they were a couple.
Not very knowledgeable...
These lists often frustrate me no end. I suppose it depends on the person who actually puts the list together, what generation they were born in, etc. etc. and while it's nice that Firefly, Buffy & The Office got a nod, Rachel and Ross are becoming an annoyance, as are Sam and Diane and Maddie and David (though I'd take Sam and Diane over the other annoyances because I just love the shit out of Cheers). I can't comment on Sports Night or Arrested Development because I've never watched them (Peter Krause?!) So, my top 10 that I can think of right now, not in order of importance:

1) Joyce Davenport and Frank Furillo (Hill Street Blues)

2) A threesome: Vincent & Catherine/Vincent & Diana (Beauty and the Beast)

3) Rob and Laura Petrie (The Dick Van Dyke Show)

4) David Fisher and Keith Charles (Six Feet Under)

5) Nate Fisher and Brenda Chenowith (Six Feet Under)

6) Buffy and Angel

7) Can partners be a couple? I think so. Elliott Stabler and Olivia Benson (Law & Order: SVU)

8) Ann Gardner Maxwell & Glenn Maxwell (A Year In The Life -- A series that lasted only one year and starred Richard Kiley. A user comment at IMDb calls it "The best TV show that never was."

9) Buffy and Spike

10) Lucy and Ricky Ricardo
Tonya, I loved Joyce and Furillo, too.
My alltime favorite pet name for a lover. Furillo delivered, so to speak.
Spike and Buffy
Vincent and Catherine (Beauty and the Beast)
Jeremy and Candy (Here Comes the Brides)
Dave and Maddie
Sam and Diane
Chandler and Monica
Spike and Drusilla
Spike and Angel (hey, its my list)
Neil? and Alicia? (Flying Blind, an old Tea Leoni sitcom)
And I really like Marshall and Lily so far on HIMYM

But the first two on my list are the ones I was passionate about. The rest I merely enjoyed.
Spike and Buffy
Spike and Dru
David and Maddie
Logan and Veronica
Mulder and Scully
Logan and Max (Dark Angel)
Brisco and Dixie

Ain't love grand? *sigh*
Um... Hmmm.. I must ship to live, but I tend to get over it quickly and move on, especially with my prime-time couples. That's why my Spike/Buffy "thing" is quite remarkable. It's been years, and I still must watch at least one episode a week of BTVS, because I loved them so much.
Here are my favorites:

Liz/Jason (GH)
Max/Liz (Roswell)
Luke/Lorelai (GG)

The first three are/were my most favorite couples, but by far Buffy/Angel has had the most impact on me as a viewer.
Buffy and Spike
Veronica and Logan
Wes and Fred
Jim and Pam
Lana Lang and a gruesome death...

They're a few of my favorites.
Brisco/Dixie....Jeremy/Candy....what a lovely walk down memory lane.
My favorite list:

Buffy and Angel
Willow and Oz
David and Maddy
Sam and Diane
Sonny and Cher
Jack and Jennifer
Tracy and Hepburn
Logan and Veronica
Kate and Jack
Spike and Dru
Buffy and Angel
John Crichton and Aeryn Sun (Farscape)
Dave Nelson and Lisa Miller (NewsRadio)
Willow and Xander (I can dream, can't I?)
Paul and Jamie (Mad About You)
Marshall and Lily (HIMYM)
Lindsay and Nick (Freaks & Geeks)
Willow and Oz (Can I have Willow on two couples in my list...?)
Oh I forgot about Max and Liz. I thought those two actors had great chemistry. Or maybe it was just that Liz had those incredibly expressive eyes. Lovely.
Ohh...I'll play!

Buffy/Angel (The most obsessive ship I sail)
Doug/Carol (ER, old school)
Elizabeth/Mr. Darcy

To name a few. ;) Still, a nice article to get TWO Whedon-verse couple mentions. Joss obviously does something right when it comes to love and romance.
My fave couple in the creepy and kooky, mysterious and spooky (and all together ooky) category...

Morticia and Gomez Addams
Oh, Morticia and Gomez. They make me smile when I think of them. How perfect were they for each other?
Morticia and Gomez are soulmates who, even after years of marriage and two children, are still honeymoon wildly romantic with each other. They love, protect and encourage each other... plus, damn, they look really hot together.

Hey, looks like the perfect couple to me.
11thHour you said it all. Sure there were other married couples on TV that were equally devoted to each other and their children - the Donna Reed Show, Leave it to Beaver, Ozzie and Harriet - but who else showed that ongoing passion of Morticia and Gomez? We should all be so lucky as to find such a perfect soulmate. (Of course, it helped that they could afford household help, so Morticia wasn't spending all her time doing the housework).

Tonya J, thanks for bringing up Joyce and Furillo. They were a great pair, and proof that a couple on television don't have to end badly in order to remain interesting. Pizza Man indeed.
Let's see...
You're welcome, barboo. I've given away my age group by still remembering them fondly, but hey, I've life in me yet!
barboo ~A very thoughtful reply... plus a noteworthy comment on the relationship enhancing effects of having all the household chores seen to by others... heh...

Not to mention the insane amounts of cash at hand whenever needed!

But still... the passionate and caring soulmates part... yeah, that will always rock.
Oh, I wish I'd discovered this earlier!!

Adama/Roslind (ok, not quite yet/maybe, but hey ....)
Kara/Sam (my head explodes)
Donna/Josh (West Wing)
Bobby/Diane (NYPD Blue)
Oops, forgot ....

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