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February 18 2007

Reviews for Astonishing X-Men #20. A mixed bag of opinions for this issue. Silver Bullet Comics liked it but said it's "more a series of moments than a strong story ". One reviewer at went with "mutant brilliance". Though Comixfan wasn't too positive. However Comic Book Bin said "Whedon is at his best in space".

The variant cover got "Cover of the Week" over at Wizard Entertainment. It's make a great t-shirt and for my money it's one of the best covers Cassaday has ever done.

I am going to scan my cover and make a Beast tee-shirt. Thanks Simon for the idea.

Anyway, I thought #20 was one of the best in a while. The "crash landing" from orbit (the telepathic tea party, the smoking Logan, the Peter/Kitty stuff) and the S.W.O.R.D. technology was so awesome. And it felt dire and epic, sort of like the final act of "Serenity".
This issue really felt like an old-school, Claremontian X-Men space adventure to me, in the best possible way. With a lot less captions.

I really feel that the complaints the book gets aboutits slow pace is solely because it feels slower with the longer wait between issues.

The mere presence of the characters as Joss writes them was enough to make this a great issue. Loving Hisako, too, although I agree with Wolvie about her chosen codename--hopefully he'll pick something more colorful for her.
SBCB put up another one, and it's even less posititve:

2 Bullets?? And calling it utter boredom?

Couldn't disagree more.
I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say I think this might be my favorite issue of the entire run. Agent Brand essentially ordering Peter to commit genocide and his reactions to that. Emma's tea party and Scott's concern about her maybe overdoing it. Hank threatening Agent. Kitty. Just her overall, obviously. And, of course, the scene between Logan and Hisako. What else could he possibly throw in? Comic perfection, I say.
I thought it was the best Astonishing yet, hands down. I kept reading it over and over. I don't know how many times I actually yelled "yes!" outloud while reading it; especially when Hisako suited up for the first time.

Edit: Just read that last review, and I can't believe how pretentious and ridiculous it was. Seriously, if they had just teleported down to the planet, now only would that be cheesy, it would be even MORE boring.

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I liked this one a lot actually, not sure I agree with Comixfan or the other negative reviewers. I already posted my review in a comment earlier so I won't go repeating myself, but #20 was full of things I liked. The Torn arc had much duller issues than this one.
GrapenutsRobot, no namecalling here please. I've edited your post.
I don't know if this has been posted, it doesn't look like it, but Sideshow has their second Astonishing diarama up. First one featured Colossus and Cyclops, this one has Emma and Beast. Three should be Kitty and Logan. It's impossibly goregous. Also, they have images of the new Premium Buffy, now with caterpillar eyebrows, pony-tail, and Faith-show-down-pants.
CaptainB - Beast looks great in that - but what the hell is Emma doing? Tiptoe through the tulips?
I wish she was in diamond form, you know, showing her actual powers. Instead, she's furthering her status as a Jean-replacement. It looks like a display of telekenesis which she just doesn't have. I know it'd odd, but I still want one.
I absolutely loved the character interaction - especially Logan and Hisako. I wish Hank got to remain in his suit the whole time, but Hisako's comments about her costume were great. As a Kiotr fan, I liked the Kitty and Peter scenes, but I do find it odd how Kitty finally remembered how big of a jerk Peter had been to her (back during Ellis' Excalibur run) last issue.

As for the plot, I'll have to wait to see what happens. The sudden revelation at the end about Colossus (after not knowing for so long who which X-Man destroyed the Breakworld) seems odd. But I have a feeling Joss will make it work. Having to wait three friggin' months for the next issue does take some of the enjoyment out of reading it.

I do hope Hisako does survive this arc. She was the best part of this issue and I would love to see her join the roster of New X-Men eventually.

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FaithFan, it sounds like the revelation that Colossus is the destroyer of the Breakworld was sudden to you. This was actually revealed back in the Torn arc and discussed a few times earlier in this issue.
CaptainB, I know Colossus is the destroyer of the Breakworld. I just find it awfully convenient that all of a sudden this big stone wall is discovered showing that he is the destroyer, after Ord resurrected him.

All of this is happening in a very, very short period of time. So just hours after SWORD finally figured out who it was, they find an ancient carving of it?!? But, there could be more going on here. Maybe the stone wall isn't so ancient.
Oh, okay, I read the "not knowing for so long" as the readers not knowing, rather than the characters. Sorry.

And it's possibly SWORD didn't know that imagery was inside the temple.
I actually figured the S.W.O.R.D. precogs could finally make out who the destroyer was because that tomb was uncovered. Because the Breakworld people found out, the future became a lot clearer, and thus the precogs got a clue.
The Hitchhikers to the Galaxy reference was cool.
Another review on Newsarama which seems to think the issue is both great and not enough.

I'd love to see Joss and John do an original series unconnected to any universe after this. I think what's hurting AXM most is not even the delays themselves, but the fact that the rest of the franchise is thundering ahead, outpacing AXM.

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