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"Relax, I'm not a thief. I'm a terrorist."
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February 18 2007

CBR's Convention Reflections, featuring a tale about the boss. Writer Robert Taylor talks about meeting Joss. It's nothing too newsworthy, but Joss' picture headlined the article, so I thought it'd be worth the share.

Would YOU steal a ticket to meet Joss Whedon? I know I would...

Thankfully I didn't have too, I had bought a VIP package. This was my first time seeing Joss Whedon. I will never forget the fact that Joss walked into the ladies room before the Q&A, just proving he really is a girly man. A group of us were sitting on the floor waiting to get in the room, we were the ones holding the line starts here signs. If anyone wants to see the Q&A clips from that convention click here.
I loved the question he had for Kristen Bell and for this:
"That's right, y'all, Kristen Bell hugged me! It's the best thing to come out of "Smallville" since season one, that's for damn sure."
All that description about doing bad things just to see Joss event and then there's no description of the event itself for the reader? I almost find that more nefarious than anythng else.

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