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May 02 2003

Buffy is so much cooler than politics. According to one journalist, anyway.

Some of my activist friends say that watching a show like Buffy goes against my progressive principles.

What kind of dumbass activist friends does this guy have?
Before I read the article, I was about to say that I'd bet his supposedly activist friends had never actually watched the show. And then he went and directly proved me right.

Thoughtful criticism is a good thing. But it helps to actually have seen what you're criticizing first so you can, you know, have thoughts that are actually founded in something.
You know, normally, I'd agree with you keever, but I haven't seen Pirates of the Carribbean, but I'm pretty sure that's gonna be a huge piece of shit. I had that opinion before I knew it was yet another Bruckheimer masterpiece, now it's just confirmed.

The truth is sometimes you don't need to see something to know how bad it is. Buffy is not one of those things, but my point is even normally positive generalisations are just that and subject to the flawed logic. To paraphrase Dennis Miller, why get hung up on stupid things like the color of someone's skin when there are so many other reasons to hate someone if you just take the time to get to know them...
How all very earnest, reminds me of my university days.
This is a really odd pet peeve but am I the only one who hates when people refer to the show as cancelled. Gellar left & they wrapped production, and that is not cancelled. Cancelled just has all these negative conotations. OK, mini-rant over.
"Cancelled" somehow implies "rejected", as in "not worth it". Grrrh. It really gets on my nerves as well, so you're not alone in that.
"Cancelled" is proper only if the network kills it. The press likes to use it in every case though. That bothers me.
For a guy who supposedly watches and likes the show, he obviously doesn't keep up with the actual, accurate news of what is going on with the show, who created it, and the true reason it is ending, not to mention that they aren't just 'wrapping it up any old way." Guy needs to check his facts before he writes. Sheesh!
Not everyone satisfies their desire for things Joss by checking each day to see if there is any news articles written about his shows. At least he doesn't have to worry about being spoiled like we do, Silky. :)

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