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February 19 2007

Official Serenity Fruity Oaty Bar T-Shirt! Took long enough. Love the squid on the back or is it an octopus--NOT MANDATORY. Also love the fact that there is still NEW Official Merchandise coming out!

That's fantastic! I would slightly complain that it's a bit weird it's done in that retro quasi-worn fashion since it's nominally from the future (and the subject matter doesn't fit into the western side of the show very well either). I'd kind of like it more to be that hipster garishly graffiti art look, but it's still pretty neat.
I just can't see Jayne wearing it...BECAUSE he would be too scared that River would attack!
Ha, that's beautiful. It should be mine.
Now I know what to get my brother for his birthday.
When Universal (or someone) finally got around to sending out the items we had ordered based upon our points on the official website, I got sent a Fruity Oaty Bar shirt. It was an iron on, very bright, on a black Tshirt. We figure it was a prototype because it was never on the list of things that could be ordered.
I used to wear it but the "iron on" is beginning to peel off and I don't dare to now. Orangewaxlion, I agree, the brighter, the better.
Unfortunately they thing people don't come any bigger than XL. *sigh*
AH! I made a shirt last December (last, last--when the DVD came out) that looks EXACTLY like the back of this tee. The octopus, "NOT MANDATORY". Pretty exact, except I drew the octopus, so the arms are a little stubbier. It's on grey, too.
"Unfortunately they thing people don't come any bigger than XL. *sigh*"

You mean they do??
Hmm, I want one.
I may just be retarded, but what is the significance of NOT MANDATORY on the back?
Medic wrote on February 20, 15:24 CET
Unfortunately they thing people don't come any bigger than XL. *sigh*

Their size chart shows a larger size then XL. So go to their contact page and ask them to make it available in a larger size. Might work. Maybe stylin online will pick up the shirt and have larger sizes.

When you use the T-shirt categories on the left, they have 4 Firefly shirts and 15 Serenity. I checked a few and they seem to stop at XL. So I wonder what shirts do they offer in a size larger than XL.

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ChosenOne watch the FOB video in it's entirity. The "Not Mandatory" appears on screen as the "make you bust out of your blouse" line is being sung. This occurs as the octo/squid simultaneously busts out of the girls blouse.
Love FOB and I am so glad to see an official shirt. Speaking entirely from a theoretical experience, while an individuals personal FOB designs for a T shirt might rock- the iron ons just do not have a long lifespan or high color quality. Or so I've heard... Anyways I'm off to buy me a fantastic shirt. Yay!
Argh. And the music, which I had gotten out of my head about a month ago, is back in.
On the flip side of fluguflesarinn, the shirt doesn't come in any sizes less than S! I'd definitely buy a babydoll but I can't wear adult sizes in small because they're typically regular tee styles and those are too big.
Yay! I just bought it this weekend at Katsucon in D.C., I was so happy :D
Have to agree with the 'not bright enough' comments and also, why on that dingy brown? Much as I love the idea that one won't be finding it's way into my wardrobe... just doesn't fit with how the 'ad' looked in the film.

Perhaps i'm too fussy.
Hm, now that I think about it, are there actually means of buying this shirt other than through the net? I know Hot Topic sometimes picked up some Serenity shirts to sell but I'm not sure how many companies are licensing Serenity or what, since I know that Hot Topic has at least a River shirt that isn't available through that website (unless my memory really sucks).
Any way to get a request in for it to be made in another colour? The brown doesn't really work that well, does it?

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