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"May I say something? Psych!"
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February 20 2007

Video interview with Joss about 'The Office'. has a great on set interview with Joss talking about why he wanted to direct an episode of the show, why he loves it so much and lots, lots more.

I will now cancel my plans to watch Lawrence of Arabia on my iPod. Thanks, Joss!
Seems somehow fitting that I watched his episode on my iPod on the bus home last Friday.

Always interesting to hear him talking about his stuff, hope that he gets/wants to do another episode of The Office at some point.
One word. "Fray"
Another word. "Huh?"

Great interview. I loved the episode too.
He watched the Jim & Pam scene at the end of season two twenty times! What a geek.
What a delightful interview. It was wonderful hearing from Joss as both a director and fan about "The Office."

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