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February 20 2007

This year's Saturn Awards nominations. Various shows and films which have ties to the Whedonverse got nominated. Slither is up for "Best Horror Film". And Heroes, Lost, 24, Smallville and Veronica Mars will battle out for "Best Network Television Series".

Yay Slither! But, could someone explain to me how The Closer qualifies for a Saturn? Aren't Saturns supposed to be for science fiction, horror or fantasy? Are they implying that a woman as a successful detective in the LAPD would be science fiction? Or fantasy? Or horror? Or do I just not understand the Saturns? Do I have any more questions? Er -- no. ;-)

There's a LOT of nominations there, esp. acting nominations, that just make no sense. But, to play the ball, not the man, I'll just say -- good link, Simon!
God you right Billz! alot of the nominated films/actors have nothing to do will SciFi.... BUT they are related to Horror, as they were the most HORRIBLE films of last year. Superman Returns! how in hell does that just "ok" film get so many nomination.
Ok, I posted a comment earlier but it's gone (and I didn't even swear). Hmm...well yay for SLiTHER and its two nominations anyways.
And YAY! for Dexter's 4 nominations!
Yeah, I don't get why Veronica Mars was nominated either. It's got no supernatural element to it, except for possibly, sorta, very occasionally, Veronica dreams about the ghosts of some of her dead friends. But those are probably just dreams, even in the world of the show.
I think the Saturn Awards are more geared to genre shows in general which I think Veronica Mars would fall into.
I agree with Simon, the Saturn awards are definitely aiming more towards genre in general, rather than just scifi/fantasy/horror.

I was one of the nominators/voters last year and I wasn't given any real guidelines to what I could or couldn't nominate, so it also comes down to what the voting panels consider should or should not count.

That said, I'm still a little confused on Closer!
I wish to add another moon to that Saturn. The favorite MOD award must go to our Simon.
I miss the days when Buffy and Angel would be nominated for a Saturn Award.
Where is the Supernatural love?
Dexter and Michael C. Hall are nominated! I hope they win.
As happy as I am for those who got nominated (yay Masi Oka and Greg Grunberg!), I do have one bone of contention. How dare they not nominate Julie Benz for her role on Dexter! Espesically considering all of the critical acclaim she's gotten.

Otherwise, great list. Hope Heroes wins big.
Mel Gibson is nominated for best director for Apocalypto? Huh?
Whoo-hoo! Take that SLiTHER trolls!
Slither Best Horror Film and Best Make up. Two Saturn Nominations!
Yay Slither Best Makeup! The Grant Grant makeup was pretty amazing, if you watch the DVD extras of how heavy it was, how long to put on, etc.
Really, The Librarian, but no Supernatural? Not if I was in charge...

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