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February 20 2007

Our Favorite Watcher turns 53 today. Happy Birthday to Anthony Stewart Head! Hip Hip Hooray!

I hope he has a "ripper" of a time.... boom tish.

[ edited by Crypto on 2007-02-20 15:55 ]

Happy Birthday!!!!
Happy birthday, Tony! I forgive you for giving me the flu back in '99, for telling me my hair looked better when it was longer in 2000 and for making me cough soda through my nose in 2003. ;-)
Happy Birthday!
The Sisters of W.A.S.H.* over at the Beta arent' members here so I'm posting on their behalf and on mine Happy Birthday!

Worshippers of Anthony Stewart Head, a distingusihed sorority!
Happy birthday!

(I didn't realise he was as old as that.)
Happy Birthday, Tony!
Happy Birthday Tony and many more!
Oh my, many happy returns of the day you handsome devil!
Anthony, we miss you so much. Happy Birthday, old man;)
Many happy returns, and many more to come!
Old? He will never be old. Happy Birthday ASH. Come back to Toronto sometime, ok?
He's only a couple of years older than me, and is therefore a most suitable and age-appropriate companion for me. The rest of you are too young for him...

Happy Birthday, Mr. Anthony. You are perennially youthful...

"Bill's thirty-two. He looks thirty-two. He looked it five years ago, he'll look it twenty years from now. I hate men." - "Margo Channing," All About Eve, Joseph L. Mankiewicz

Edited 'cause can't spell a lick...

[ edited by QuoterGal on 2007-02-21 01:34 ]
QuoterGal: I'm not but neither Tony nor I bend that way. Fortunately because I find it hard enough to function while ignoring my mooning over Amber and Mercedes, if I had a thing for Tony I'd snap from the stress.
Ah, but I am also only a few years younger than ASH *and* an online celebrity compatibility test once chose him as my perfect celebrity mate. I think that settles that. ;-)

Many happy returns, Mr. Head. You look great. I just wish you had not been cancelled from the one convention I went to. I would have loved to see you speak.
The rest of you are too young for him...

Uh... Huh-uh, QG!! I'll arm wrassle ya for him. Well, I would if he was single. Now Tony, don't you love us fighting over you?
Tonya J, I'm not gonna let not being single affect my interest in Tony one whit or jot, and I don't think you should either. After all, it's a lot easier to add a spouse than take one away, which actually means not much of anything, if you think about it, so I recommend not... thinking about it.

As for the wrassling, ow, don't hit my sore arm.

newcj, well, I hear ya, gal, but I'd be a lot more impressed with online quizzes if they hadn't told me that I was 1) liked by everyone, yet 2) incredibly evil, gun crazy, sociopathic and villainous and yet 3) possessed of great empathy and sympathy with a liking for animals and pie.
Happy birthday, ASH.
QG, did you say pie? Dude! ;-)

Happy birthday, Mr. Head! You are age-appropriate as a super-rockin' celebrity friend for any of us. :-)
Quotergal I think you just supported my position. Online quizzes just gained a whole lot of credence in my book.

Just to be clear, do you like animals and pie as separate dishes or mixed together?

[ edited by newcj on 2007-02-21 17:09 ]
Darlingest newcj, it's my being found "likeable" and "empathetic" that I think lacks credibility, and renders those online quizzes suspect. That and being called a pirate and a pink crayon and the reincarnation of Eleanor Roosevelt.

And my rule is that I never eat any pie with a face.

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