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February 20 2007

Drive Panel at WonderCon in San Francisco. is reporting that Tim Minear and Nathan Fillion will appear at WonderCon in San Francisco on March 4 to promote Fox's new series Drive.

And so the little Bunny from the Bay Area fails monumentally at trying to contain her squee. :-)

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I noticed that early this morning, but the WC guys haven't updated the site yet. They should have a new schedule soon, but this is great news.
Looks like Sunday is definitely the day to atttend. Damn. Now I have to go buy a plane ticket.
Damn, wish I was going this year. I saw the Serenity panel 2 years ago, and damn Nathan was funny.
Note for those who are exploring going: check out flights to both San Francisco (SFO) and Oakland (OAK) airports. Oakland is across the bay from where the convention is, but BART picks up at both airports and takes you to right where the convention is going on.
PHEW! The timing for the Drive panel has been posted, and it does NOT conflict with the California Browncoats' Gender & Genre panel (featuring Jane Espenson, Y: The Last Man's Pia Guerra and Equality Now Director Amanda Sullivan), as we feared it might.

Gender & Genre: 1:30 2:30, room 236
Drive: 2:30 3:30, Esplanade Ballroom

Granted, the timing's tight, but anyone who wants to see both panels should be able to!
Squeeing for BrewBunny! Tell me you are going!
Reports. There will be reports from people who go to this con. They will be posted. I will read them. It will all be good. ;-)

Have a GREAT time, all y'all who are going! :-)

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