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February 20 2007

CBR previews three 'Spike: Shadow Puppets' covers. The Lying In The Gutters column at CBR has a preview of what is presumably 3 covers from the upcoming Spike: Shadow Puppets mini-series.

The Return of Ratio!!!

This looks pretty cool. I'm interested.

oh and spikes a puppet too.
More than just 'Ratio is coming back. Take a look at ALL the covers.

I love them. I just love'em.
Yay! Puppet Spike I can't wait!!

Bring him on Brian!
Thanks for the info.
I gasped and smiled when I saw who was floating behind Puppet Spike in one of the covers. Can't wait.
Now this is one I will not only get for myself...all my nieces and nephews are getting a copy from me too. This issue is really going to warm the cockles of my heart.
Did your nieces and nephews like the SMILE TIME episode? Because the comic is as dark as that. Only with a lot more action and a much bigger budget.

Oooooooooh I can't wait until June.

And UtterlyJP...thanks for noticing!
These covers look great - and if that's who I think it is on one of those covers, I'm really thrilled ! Thanks, Brian !
Oh my God...NOW Spike is the Wee Puppet Man!!!!!!!! He looks freakin' adorable. Can't wait to grab him....I mean grab this comic up! Thank you so much Brian!!!!!!

Not to sound like an idiot...but uhmmmmm who is Ratio?????
The Spike comics are really the only ones I have EVER bought so I am a tad ignorant on this front.
Not to sound like an idiot...but uhmmmmm who is Ratio?????

Ratio was the big puppet who didn't speak in "Smile Time", he's in the second cover.
Kick ass! Looks like a wee floaty George to me :D Can't wait for this series to hit.
Coolmungous ! The wee puppet Ninja head with the stuffing hanging out is priceless but even priceless-er* is, as zeitgeist and UtterlyJP point out, the distinct possibility of a little Mini-George action. It's like the old adage says, "You can't keep a good pan-dimensional, telepathic fish creature down". Pretty sure that's how it goes anyway.

I was gonna count down the days until June but i'm not really meant to take my shoes off at work anymore. Words like 'eagerly' and 'anticipated' leap to mind though. And 'flibbertigibbet' but that one's always cropping up.

* yep, you can get more priceless than priceless, it's like infinity + 1. Trust me.
Oh...thanks Derf!!!!! I never realized that he had a name.....
Pardon my ignorance but who is George and why is he a fish? Is this from other comics?

Of course, I never realized Ratio had a name either.
He was a character that appeared in the Spike Asylum series.

So good to see him back.
Yes, great to see George back. I am really looking forward to this and BTW, Brian, just absoulutly loved Spike:Asylum. Each mini-series that comes along just keeps getting better and better. As I said before, I was always bummed that Spike wasn't in the episode of Smile Time enough, this makes up for it. June seems too far away now...
Ahhhhh. Thanks.

Speaking of Spike Asylum, did we get a date for the TPB to come out? I'm hoping it is out in time for my friend's birthday.

I just watched Smile Time again over the weekend. Although Spike's scene was great, I did wish he had been in more of it. I guess having him in the big battle would have been overkill, though. Both in having so many of the group attacking a bunch of puppets, and simply physically fitting everybody in with the puppet set and all.
The Asylum trade is slated for May. I just put in my pre-order yesterday. :-)
Yessir, the ASYLUM trade comes out in May. I can't wait to see what happens, I waited for the trade to come out to read it.

And Telltale, if you want Spike vs Puppets, holy cow do you get Spike vs. Puppets. I'm not lying when I say that there is a back alley fight with Spike and Lorne on one side and (no hyperbole here) thousands of puppets on the other.

You know what would rock? A Betta George Wikipedia entry. That would rock.
Hmmmm. Maybe I could preorder it to have it sent to her and give her the order form on her birthday with the actual present to come later.

Once I read Asylum in May I will have to try to remember to come back here to read this thread so I actually understand it...the thread that is.

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Thank you so much, Brian, for giving us more Spike - and Beta George! *snogs you silly* Eagerly awaiting the new Spike Puppet comics, especially after the wonderful job you and Urru did with the Asylum series.

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