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"I think my bad guys are better than her bad guys."
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February 20 2007

Kali Rocha on tonights Law and Order: SVU. From Vengeance Demon to vengeanceseeking reporter. One character calls her the devil. She will also be guest starring on Grey's Anatomy this Thursday as well.

Thanks for the info, Valsadie. I updated the headline.

Kali's been seriously all over the dial this TV season; I hope the TV Powers That Be notice how good she is...!

Don't forget to see Kali on Thursday on part three of the Grey's Anatomy special sweeps three-parter!
I always found her immensely appealing.
Kali is great on Grey's Anatomy. She's great period.
Cool! This part was very bitchily different from the Little-Sydney-Sunshine she is on Grey's!
I totally geeked out when I saw her on last night's episode.
Lesee, a woman who was bent on vengeance for a wronged child. Cough... Daddy Issues... Cough.

Yeah, that was Halfrek.
She is sooooo wonderful on Grey's!

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