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February 21 2007

Buffy Season 8 appearing in Wizard #186. Upcoming Wizard issue will be covering Buffy Season 8... i wish they would devote one of their covers to Buffy instead of the usual DC or Marvel big event...

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Hey, Superman crying, Jimmy Olsen smiling. It all evens out. :-)
At least he doesn't have his face all over Wonder Woman's breasts in this one.
"Also, why the hell is every promotional picture from DC Comics for some catastrophic event Superman crying? Honestly"

Being sad is Superman's kryptonite.
Jimmy Olsen's dead? The fuck?

[ edited by UnpluggedCrazy on 2007-02-22 00:11 ]
Hilariously we could actually get back onto the topic of Buffy (and Joss) appearing in Wizard magazine. And remember it's always wise to keep the subject line on message instead of going off at a tangent.
Sweet! Thanks. I can't wait to get this, anyway to make the long wait seem less long... wait, only 2 WEEKS! It feels like it's still such a long ways away. Waiting since Joss announced it back in December 2005, and still getting a bunch of news, it feels sort of unreal that it's almost here.
Well apparently the next couple of weeks will herald Joss interviews in some major publications (I hear Vogue - I could be wrong). So we'll have plenty to whet our appetites as we wait.
UnpluggedCrazy, Jimmy's being billed as one of the main characters in a 52-issue series, and he goes up against the Joker in the first two issues, so I very much doubt he's actually dead here.

And does anyone besides me have the feeling that Wizard has been using the same photo of SMG since the first time they mention Buffy many years ago?
I stopped by Melrose last weekend and asked a guy at a comic shop, and he said they aren't even doing pre-orders of season 8 yet. I thought it was coming out in March?(Ron Burgundy question-marked for your pleasure)
I've been pretty quiet about this, but I'm genuinely so excited that I think I've shorted out some of the small appliances in my home.

Buffy season 8 in two weeks. Buffy season 8 in two weeks.

Season fucking EIGHT in two WEEKS!

Joss. I can't really believe this is happening.

With my love/hate thing with comics, I know I'll devour the issue in four point three minutes. My huge thrill will then be tempered by the ENTIRE MONTH I'll have to wait for a new 'episode'.

Oh, woe. Woe is me!

Fucking comics and their time scheds. How is a BtVS junkie supposed to survive? There isn't even any methadone comics to fill the gap. Can't wait for the trades - what are you kidding me?

Yep. I'm a Joss addict, and my name is Willowy. I'm so screwed.

Bring it.

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10 comments? That's all?
11 comments ? That's all ?

(I like this game, what do we win ?)

Yep, i'd rather have seen the cover on there but still, whatever you think of Wizard, it's a big deal to be on full view like that. Good news.

With Willowy though, 2 frikkin' weeks ! Ish ! Probably ! (hey, it's comics, the idea of 'March' is kind of flexible ;). I also get a bit frustrated with singles and their short time-to-read. Sometimes i'll buy one and keep it for a couple of weeks before reading it so there isn't as long to wait until the next issue. You know the worst part ? That actually makes sense in my head ;).

(also, Supes, dude, get a fucking grip. Did Jimmy owe him money or something ? Lois, I can see it. Or Krypto cos, y'know, a boy and his dog and all that. But Jimmy ? C'mon, man-of-steel up ;)
Stopped reading Wizard a few years ago, are they still doing that duo cover thingie?

Funny, that they're using the same Buffy, well Sarah's photo that they used in a cover a few years ago.
i forget what month previews had it but they featured the cover art for issue one, wanna say it was 3 months ago but not sure.
That sounds about right (maybe 2 months). Saw it on the shelf and thought 'Cool, Buffy's famous'.
Numfar PTB, I wonder if that's because her looks/weight changed so much over the course of the show. They're just using a pic from when she looked her best.

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