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February 22 2007

River Triumphant Statue release pushed back. New release date is April 25, 2007

The original release date was supposed to be Feb 28th.

(Forgive me if this has already been posted. I just received the email from TFAW today)

"She may be a psychotic killing machine . . ."

That's former psychotic killing machine, thank you very much. She's better now.

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Wow, okay... I wasnt even aware of this figure. I want that... a lot.
It truly is shiny, which is why it's so painful to think that I preordered it in October and still have two months to go before it can take it's rightful place on my desk. I even have a special place picked out for it, in between my pile of work-to-avoid and work-to-avoid-permanently.
That's my birthday! What a shiny present that would be...Anyone know why the release date was pushed back?
I'm curious about that myself. I was just asking the guy at my comic store about this today, and as far as he knew, it was coming out next week....guess not.

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