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February 23 2007

Marti Noxon blogs "Grey's Anatomy". Marti talks about joining the Grey's Anatomy writing staff and co-writing last night's episode.

Also, Joss of the future a'la Futurama.

It was a very different and great episode of "Grey's." I knew Then I saw that Marti wrote it, and got scared for a minute. They have Guts working for them. She worked for Joss, and Joss killed Buffy twice. I created scenarios where Ellis becomes the main character and every episode starts with "I don't know who these people are. I don't know who I am. *cues hip music*"

Good to have you writing my TV shows again Marti. I think James Marsters needs to make a shirtless appearance soon.
She writes exceedingly well. One of the best blog entries I've read in ages.
I hope this works, it's my first comment. Way to go Marti, one of the best "Grey's" episodes yet. And I agree with both the previous comments. The blog is exceptionally fascinating, & JM shirtless in anything can only be a plus.
jm as yet another shirtless patient izzie falls in love with??? (sorry, I have no idea about the show since the end of season two: does izzie already have a new boyfriend?)
Yep, that's a very nice bit of blogging, interesting despite the fact that i'm very not into "Grey's Anatomy".

(watched the first 8 or so and found it too soapy for my tastes and I also didn't like the central character very much which, if deliberate, is pretty brave on the creators' part)
This show has really grown on me. It has the three essential ingredients required for holding my interest: heart, wit & humor (yes, I'm making a distinction). And a great cast, one I think has become a genuine "ensemble", in the best tradition of all shows in the Jossverse, amongst a few select others.
I'd like to believe that making Meredith one of the least sympathetic characters is deliberate, it would indeed be a brave move. Hmm, has that been done before??
Loved last nights ep....Marti is awesome!
I'd like to believe that making Meredith one of the least sympathetic characters is deliberate, it would indeed be a brave move. Hmm, has that been done before??

Ally McBeal?

I hated how they flogged the show all week - "You won't believe the devestating ending."

I knew then that they wounld't be killing off Merideth.
Did anyone else notice Addison's deal with McSteamy ("Sixty days. Go sixty days and we'll see.") was very similar to a certain speech in "Tabula Rasa"?
I get flashbacks to all sorts of Buffy stuff while I watch Grey's Anatomy. I only started watching last summer, but during last night's episode, I was thinking "Marti sure knows how to pick the winners". I wish she would be my personal career counsellor.

bookworm, Izzy doesn't have a new boyfriend, but she's being unnecessarily bitchy to George's new wife. Which makes no sense to me, because it's obvious that she doesn't have the hots for him, and she doesn't really have a reason to hate Callie either, but she's on this self-righteous rampage about how George has "made the biggest mistake of his life" and is somehow surprised that he would stick up for his wife when Izzie is rude to her.
But, in my nightmares, Iím 90 at a Buffy convention, and nobody wants my autograph. Theyíre all in line to see virtual Joss, who has invented a way to put his brain in a jar on a floaty thing, live forever and be funnier and more prolific than everybody for THE REST OF ALL TIME. I love Joss, but itís hard being his friend.

My roomate and I kept saying, "this episode is so Buffy!" It was probably because we knew Marti wrote it, but we were picking out the elements of main character death, and contemplating suicide, deciding to give up (spiral through bargaining), ghosts of the past (amends), and other stuff that made us think Meredith'll be singing in a couple of weeks "I think I was in heaven..." It was a very different show because of the supernatural elements, but who knows if that's because of Marti.
My roomate and I kept saying, "this episode is so Buffy!"

But I have this bigger problem ... everything good I see on TV makes me go "this is so Buffy!"
"Which makes no sense to me, because it's obvious that she doesn't have the hots for him, and she doesn't really have a reason to hate Callie either"

She does. Misery love's company. Think about it, Izzie is the ONLY person in the group who doesnt have anybody. And in her mind, George was always safe, he was always the one who wouldn't have the girlfriend. His life has parallel'd hers the most, with his dad dying, Denny dying, his optimism... etc. And Callie, if I may say, is still a LOT like Izzie in attitude.

Ok, Marti Noxon on Grey's? SO COOL!! First, Krista Vernoff, who worked on Wonderfalls with Tim Minear, then Kali Rocha who was Hallie, and now Marti Noxon... This is totally giving me my Buffyfill where no other show can.
Wow, I guess I'm alone here in my boredom with last night's episode. Maybe if I'd realized Marti wrote it I'd have tried harder to like it, but my husband and I looked at each other half-way through and agreed: "Bored now."

Except for Dylan the Bomb Squad Guy (squee!)
I really like "Grey's Anatomy" and I'm quite tickle pink to see our Marti on the writing team. Just a quess, but I supect we may see a few more. What did Joss say, his pain and chain girl? Ought to fit right in with that group. Wishing Marti the best!:)
Melanie, you weren't alone. I didn't know Marti was writing it, although if I did, I probably wouldn't have tried harder to like it. I'm not her biggest fan. (To be clear, I don't blame Marti for this, I've found a few of this season's eps a little off. Hopefully, it's just a short, temporary slump.)
"And the fact that there are dead people in it is just a coincidence. For those of you who fear Iím whispering in Shondaís ear about the dark side and alternate realities and stuff Ė this was her thing, okay? Iím here to write MEDICINE, people. And sex. And sexy medicine."

More of such coincidences - it's positively serendipitous around here lately. I'll get extremely suspicious if they start having loose bats whipping around the OR or something...

I loves me some Marti - a great entry and a very classy lady to spare so much virtual ink for her co-workers, both high and low. Being an writer's assistant on a TV show can be beyond demanding and frequently ill-rewarding, both financially and creatively, so it's especially refreshing to see some named love sent in their direction.

Marti itemizes her recent "failures" but I think at least some of them are due to having standards and integrity - not unlike our own Purple-fonted Washkilla * coughWonderWomancough.* And hee - her new job has a "vague job title, no authority and non-specific duties." I have had this job description, and it can be very frustrating - it helps if the salary is un-vague, and you get to co-write on the show...

Re "an Attending" - I had thought that was an attending physician or somesuch, but I love the way she makes it sound arcane and almost mystical, and now I'm convinced it's an occult medical ceremony.

(Okay, I don't watch this show, so I'll shut up now...)

ETA: It's great to see so many first-posters on here lately - love the new blood and congrats on de-lurking and coming out of the Shadow Lands.

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Ahh, there's a topic.

Thoughts on Marti and her affects on BtVS.

I'm sorry, but I've been running across this item left and right and, frankly, I've fed up with it.

I think Marti did a damn good job in handling the sixth season and I've said my piece.
I loved the Izzie/Denny scene in last night's episode! I'm a big fan of them - they're the reason I began seriously watching the show - and they're the only thing in it that has made me cry, as I did last night. That was a beautiful scene. Jeffrey Dean Morgan is outstanding. His scenes with Meredith were some of the best in the episode too. I wish he wasn't dead. But I love that he died, because it brought so much to Izzie's character. I just wish we could get more of them. Oh, I'm so torn.
esg, that was a heartbreaking scence.
the only reason why I watched grey's anatomy (until they ran out of material), was that it was the only one which transmitted with an (I don't know which praeposition to use with secondary audio program) secondary auio program in English, which was really cool, cause dubbed tv is an invention by the devil (or really devilous translators and timid dubbing artists). after being used to differences in intonation, volume and actual funny jokes you don't want to miss them! it's part of the story!
(but I didn't fall in love with Desperate Housewives just because of the SAP. don't know, something put me off. could it be it's lack of quality...)
I loved that episode of Grey's, I thought it was quite buffy esque, but the wrters have always said they admired the way characters grew on Buffy, and wanted their characters to go on much deeper journeys than your average drama.
Everyone else will have to watch Grey's to support Marti--it's just not my thing--but I've been a fan of her work all along, so I'm happy if she's happy.
Great blog! I love me some Marti! I'm so happy that Grey's is using her wonderful talent! Shonda has really good taste. And that scene at the end with Denny and Izzie? I was a total blabbering baby. Just absolutely gorgeous!!
Maeve, I believe I've heard that comment before.....

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