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February 23 2007

(SPOILER) Jewel Staite back on Stargate Atlantis for season 4. According to, Jewel Staite will return to Stargate Atlantis for eight episodes in Season 4. Yay!

thats great, but for some reason I thought she was doing 14 episodes not 8. And in terms of "spoiler" :
kurya, in the season finale .
delirium_haze ,
I've drifted away from Stargate a little in recent years. For some reason I just can't get as interested in the current series as I used to. I think the problem may be the likes of Jewel taking on guest starring roles.

What I mean is, Stargate was never high on my list of top quality scifi shows to begin with but I really enjoyed the series anyway. The main cast, especially RDA, were entertaining and the stories were interesting enough, if a little predictable. It was what it was.

However, now you have Jewel and Morena taking on recurring roles. You have Ben Browder and Claudia Black in regular roles. You can't help but compare the characters they play in Stargate to the ones they played in Firefly and Farscape and frankly there really is no comparison to be made. Cam Mitchell is no John Crichton. Unfortunately this leads to a direct comparison between Stargate and shows that are infinitely superior in quality which leaves the Stargate franchise looking kinda poor, for me at least. Especially in these current seasons of lower production budget leading to every planet the SG-1 team travel to now being the exact same medieval village.

I miss the simple days when it was just Jack, Daniel, Sam and Teal'c going through the Gate each week. FarGate: Firelantis isn't working for me at all.

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