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February 23 2007

Diamond Select's - 'The Essence of Buffy'. No not a perfume range (though cool would that be?) but rather Diamond Select's latest statue collection. And to give them their due, they're pretty impressive.

These look awesome, I love how dynamic they all look. Who's the guy on fire in the Buffy one, though? Just some random vampire or is it from an episode I don't remember?
Yeah, I like the poses too, Buffy and Angel are especially good. Maybe my eyes are going but without larger images it's a bit hard to tell how good the likenesses are though.
It's some random vampire. For bigger pictures from multiple angles, check out the ToyFair gallery here.
Aha, ta for that Craig. Yep the likenesses are also pretty good though after a quick look I could only find a really clear one of the Angel statue.
Still can't work out why there's a Teddy bear lying at Spike's feet on his base. Is it meant to be a weak play on 'Blondy Bear' or something.

On the whole I love the look of all of these. The Angel one is particularly striking. I do hope that on the final product the quality is equally as high, as DST has a bad reputation for delivering quite what they promise when it comes to their products.
Love the Angel and Spike ones. The other two? *shrug* Not bad, but not blown away by 'em. I'm gonna have to have that Angel one though.

On a side note, why oh WHY are there no frakking cool Wesley statues out there? C'mon guys, make some hot Wes/Dark Wes statues and you'll have a license to take ALL my money. Get with the program folks.
They are WAAAAAY too expensive for me... Maybe if they were like $25 bucks each... $125 seems a little steep... Why do they always torture us by putting out great products but making them obscenely expensive (that's right props, I'm looking at you!)
The Essence of Angel: kicking down doors. Perfect.
The Buffy one is incredible.
Yeah, what is the deal with the teddy bear at Spike's feet? The statue is wonderful, but I can't figure it out either, have I missed something?
Angel kicking down the door is brilliant... but I think a quitessential Angel figure would be him falling or jumping out a window. Has anyone ever gone through AtS and figured out exactly how many times someone (usually our boy) goes crashing through the glass? I swear in later seasons it's practically every episode!

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