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February 23 2007

Greg Edmonson Backup Bash interview at Firefly Talk. Greg talks about the Backup Bash and a little about the soon-to-be-released Firefly sheet music. The latest podcast, FFT #46, contains the first part of the interview, with more coming in the next few podcasts.

On related podcast topic, Ron Glass appeared in the latest 7th Son chapter.

It's weird having an email read out loud. It sound so formal.

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Wonderful. I look forward to what he has to say. He seemed to enjoy himself a lot.
Me too. He was so gracious at B3. He even brought his wife to the party at Clare's place. Greg's just a great guy!
Your cool shot of Greg is indeed worthy, Oh b!x-y - it almost makes up for the heartless act you committed when you shot poor Brett Matthews.
Hey at least I later warned Brett that the only shot I got of him would likely result in his friends giving him grief over it.
Greg Edmonson was the first perons to make me cry at Backup Bash. Followed pretty quickly by Arianna. (Pardon incorrect name spelling... or incorrect name all together. She was the girl that stepped on the puppy. But that wasn't why she made me cry.)
Anyhow, listening to him talk abotu Firefly was really sweet. He seems like a fantastic guy.
Yeah, Greg's talk at Pickwick on Saturday was awesome. He's pretty much the exemplar of the Firefly cast/crew's sense that we're all just fans, they were just the fans lucky enough to work on the show rather than only watch it. That view of it comes through very strongly when you listen to Greg talk about it all.
I think the puppy-stepper was Arielle :)

Greg is indeed awesome. Every time I get to talk to him, he is humble and a huge fan of the show. When we asked him if he would be willing to do something at B3, his response was a simple "Let me know where and when and I'll be there." I never tire of hearing his stories about working on the show, how much he thought of the cast and crew, etc.
G.E. is one of the coolest people on the planet, and the FF music might be my favorite since STTOS (which is a childhood nostalgia thing for me).
I think the puppy-stepper was Arielle
I was, um, close... (knew it was a name with double letters in it.)

You could just tell the man has a sweet soul.
*sigh* Man. Now I'm have the urge to listen to the soundtrack again.

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