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February 24 2007

Joss Whedon Steers From His Television Roots. "Astonishing X-Men" Comic Book reviewed by the student newspaper of Fairfield University.

And hopefully he manages to steer back again.

Series are getting more popular than movies. The last decent movie I've seen in theatres was Serenity.

Maybe Joss should contact HBO , they have sponsored some great series so far.

Am I off-topic ? Comics are not my thing. Sorry ;)
That's a pretty horribly written, bland review. I could see that article in like a middle or even High school paper, but a University?
Well, no offense to Fairfield, it's fine, but it's not a top school
The photo of "Comic Boy" Michael Fishetti - the reviewer - is oddly and perhaps disturbingly huge. Why I find this so funny I do not know, but I do...
I think this college paper needs to edit more carefully, the writer knew he was writing about Joss Whedon, but the people who put together the headlines seem to think it is Josh Whedon.
I can see it now. ComicBoy insisting that Whedon's name is Joss and the editors saying "You must have it wrong. Tell you what. You can spell it your odd way but when we put it online, we will fix the spelling in our tag lines."
I had to stop reading that article the writing was so bland. The writer seemed disinterested in the topic and presented his collected information with no flare whatsoever.

And yes... bad, bad editorial/headline crew.
The last decent movie I've seen in theatres was Serenity.

Clearly you're not getting out much. 2006 was a great year for films.

I want Joss to come back to television because the film industry doesn't respect writers. Nor even directors, in some cases.

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