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February 25 2007

Happy Birthday to Alexis Denisof! Everyone's favorite Watcher turned "Rogue Demon Hunter" turns 41 today...

Congratulations Alexis, you rule! What's a rogue demon?
Damn, someone beat me to "what's a rogue demon?". Many happy's, Alexis.
Happy Birthday, Alexis! (I'm going to assume he's wishing me the same in return...)
Best of wishes to you, Alexis! May this be a good day for you!
OH HELL! How could I forget....being it's mine too! Happy Birthday us.
Happy birthday to you all!
Happy birthday, AD and demon magnet.
The late great George Harrison's birthday too!
Happy Birthday Alexis, crossoverman, and demon magnet (and I hope that the spirit of George Harrison is also celebrating!).
Happy Birthday to all :)... and my daughter who turns 20 today.
It's also the birthday of Rashida Jones (Karen in "The Office") and Sean Astin (who directed an episode of "Angel" and made a film about rings or films about one ring or something...)
Happy birthday Mr Alexis Denisof esq. and many more (whichever football team you support, I hope they did the business this weekend as a wee prezzie. Unless it's Man U. ;).

And also to crossoverman, demon magnet, daughter of resa and all the other notables. May is obviously a pretty dull month all across the world (I guess the TV season comes to an end ? ;).
Happy Birthday to my favorite prig-turned-rogue. You can take away my bucket anytime!

Er... that sounded grosser than I meant. ;P
Much Birthday Love to all - Alexis, crossoverman, demon magnet, and Daughter-of-Resa. May all of your returns be quite happy.

Numfar dances in your honour.

Being born in in the fifth month and adoring spring, Saje-my-love, I cannot accept the assertion that all the coupling in May is as a result of its being a dull month the world over - I think it's more the "tra-la, it's May, the lusty month of May" - sap-rising, birds tweeting, a young man's fancy, etc. month, resulting in this cascade of February births.
Ah Alexis, Alexis, Alexis. No, I will not "lie to you now." You are yet still a young sprog and happiest of birthdays. Please do a movie or TV series again soon. We miss you.

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