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February 25 2007

And you can sing along. The New York Times covers the Once With More Feeling screenings.

How soon before 20th Century Fox bring out a karoake OMWF DVD?

Hmm, can you say "Rocky Horror Picture Show?"
Whoever paid for the license for this from Fox is a genius. So much publicity.
Can't they have just one screening without the Dawn hate?
Two questions for folks who have gone to the NY screenings:

1. What time does a person need to get in line to make sure their party gets seats together?

2. Do they show any other epi's at the NYC screenings, or just OMMF. (In other cities I keep hearing that they start the evening with another episode since OMMF is less than an hour long.)
isn't there a kareoke feature on the season 6 dvd?
1. Early (like an hour or so when its cold out, more when its warmer)

2. Yes, they let the, I think it was, the trivia winner choose any other episode to watch. Last time they went with the obvious and chose Tabula Rasa. The first I went time we watched the unaired pilot. You're not allowed to choose the body.
Actually, it's all about the Daen LOVE! Our cast Dawn, Meghan, is becoming the breakout star of the show. The audience totally loves her. She makes such great hurt expressions when they yell Shut Up, Dawn that everyone feels for her. It's helped cut down on the antagonism that we felt at some of the earier shows (which made me uncomfortable, too), and at the end of the show, when Dawn does her line to Buffy in "Something to Sing About", everyone gives her a big round of applause.
I must be the only person in the world who despises this idea. What kills me about the article is that is places the following two things next to each other:

“If you really analyze each episode, it’s not just superficial,” she said. “Every time I watch it, there’s something deeper.”

Each guest received a red plastic goody bag filled with bubble soap, vampire teeth, party poppers shaped like champagne bottles, and a rule sheet.

That sort of sums up my dislike for the thing. One of the most pivotal and critical -- and dark -- episodes of Season 6, and it's turned into "do something silly during 'Walk Through The Fire'"? That's not superficial?

(Granted, I also just suffered through this past Tuesday, where a bunch of people -- who have not been going to the episodes of Buffy at the Mission Theater every week here in Portland, but who apparently decided they could come impose their way of watching on the people who HAVE been there week after week -- showed up just for this episode with their lyrics sheets, and proceeded to give a bad high school recital in the balcony where they had a remarkable ability to make every song sound exactly the same.)

So, put me in the critical column on this one.
They're doing a national tour? I want them to come to Portland.

I agree with you about last week, b!X. That was not the time for a sing-a-long. With these, people know what they're going to see, and it's done like Rocky Horror Picture Show. It's a completely different experience than what we get at the Mission, and I think it sounds like a lot of fun.
It's a completely different experience than what we get at the Mission, and I think it sounds like a lot of fun.

Don't get me wrong. I'm weighing in on two different issues. On the one hand, the imposition of a sing-a-long las Tuesday. On the other hand, the overt and organized and announced "official" event under discussion here.

I just happen to dislike both of them. Just for different reasons. Heh.

(And I'm not arguing the event shouldn't exist.)

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A National tour? Can Broadway be too far behind? If so, we need a backstory for Sweet to have a proper two-hour musical.
Wow, feeling a lot of negative vibes about the sing-a-long. Shouldn't we just be happy that Buffy is popular? That people want to watch what Joss created?
First off. I adore Dawn. She became one of my favorite characters by the end of season seven. Took me awhile to warm up to her, but she's great. With that said, repeatedly saying "shut up Dawn" during an audience participation event like this is just part and parcel to getting into it. Like in the old days when we used to remind that old guy that he had no bleeping neck.

This is touchy territory for some I know, but I for one applaud this and if it ever comes to the Dallas area I'm gonna give it a shot. Some may take this as an offense to the original work but it's not like that at all. It keeps the original alive by making it an event that audiences can share together. It makes an old telefilm vibrant and new. Every time. Because complemented by a live performance it'll never be the same twice, even though it IS exactly the same thing every time.. but it's NOT!

This is very Willow Magicky! It can be beautiful and blow up in your face at the same time and the pencils will still stick out of the frogs if you don't warn the tadpoles!

Just sitting there reverently like a bunch of presbyterians and watching it on the big screen would be as popular as a lead balloon.

I remember back in high school when Rocky Horror Picture Show was still cool. I memorized the audience participation tape before I went the first time so no one would brand me a virgin. I'm such a cheater! I was barking at the screen along with all the veterans, completely freaking out my friends who thought I was a square. My first time was awesome. We did the Time Warp. A friend of ours wore eye liner which was so NOT him right? And we laughed at him but at the same time we had to admit he made that stuff look good. The girls were all over him that night. I swear it was the eye liner. We were throwing things at the screen and people snuck in water pistols for the rain scenes. We got in trouble. Good times.

I got a copy of RHPS on videotape several years later and watched it in the privacy of my own home. Just not the same.

If this singalong thing can keep Once More With Feeling alive? If it lets people act out their favorite roles and get that rush of adrenaline for being in front of people and taking chances and taking dares and belting it out there or dancing till their feet get sore or talking back at the screen as if you're having a conversation with it... What's not to love about this idea?

What they haven't realized is the perfect complement to this idea is to work up an audience participation for "HUSH!" There's your double bill! Have everybody in the audience saying what each character is thinking when they can't say it! And no saying shut up Dawn cuz she's not there.



If someone - or a lot of someones in the Buffy singalong are singing and they're bad at it? ALL THE MORE GREAT! It's not about what it sounds like. It's about how participating and having a good time makes you FEEL.

Don't dream it. BE it. Same rules apply, man. Besides, if you think they're bad? That's your problem, dude. If they're having fun? They're not bad at all. You're being bad giving neg vibes to their good time. So don't drag down the party. Sing right along with 'em! Go for harmony!

...I don't mean go for Mercedes McNabb dummy. I mean sing the high part. I got the low part. Who brought their ballerina slippers?

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Glad to hear that the Dawn hate is lighthearted. I remember someone talking about a sing a long a while ago where the tone was not so joking and it just seemed to be wrong for the show.

And I think it's great that people are keeping the BtVS love alive.

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