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February 25 2007

The New York Times reviews "The Physics of the Buffyverse". From the review: "Blending fizzy pop culture with serious science, the book illustrates many common theories and laws of physics using examples from the plots of these two defunct cult television shows".

Funny...a friend (a history professor in Boston, and formerly very skeptical about Buffy etc.) sent me the link this morning...he and his girlfriend are on Season 6, just one episode away from OMWF.

Neat that this book gets a review in the Sunday Times!
This book is on my list, as I'm a bit of a science nerd; I love that it was reviewed in the New York Times. For the rest of the comic book fans here, there is also a book called "The Physics of Superheros" that's really good.
Ooh, cool, got 'The Physics of Superheroes' but not started it yet, nice to hear it's a worthwhile read.

(BTW, my advice ? Avoid 'The Science of Superheroes' like the plague, very shallow, sometimes inaccurate and quite badly written. Bizarrely it actually works better as a potted history of superheroes but it's far from perfect as that. Not much good IMO)

Might pick this one up but it'd probably only be for completion's sake to be honest. Talking about entropy as it relates to the Slayer line highlights one of my issues with this particular book i.e. it's pretty reachy. Why would entropy apply to a process which is clearly magical and not, therefore, subject to physical law ?

(still, I guess it's a teaching device and as such doesn't necessarily need to be true)
This must be Buffy Sunday at the NYT! I wonder if the journalists of this and the OMWF article knew about each other's projects?
Hmph. Slow news day, must be.

[Looks out at all the reporters from the New York Times and other periodicals who surf by this page to see what we're saying about them.]

ZACH: *waves* No, I don't wanna subscription, but if a newspaper ever wants to pay me to write something, send me an email! Take care of yourselves! Be excellent to each other! Y'all come back now, y'hear?

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congrats to the lovely-in-all-ways Jennifer Ouellette!

Am so jealous of your NYT book review. SO JEALOUS!
Can't see the point of this book myself, Buffy and physics having so little in common. Put me down for "The Metaphysics of the Buffyverse" instead.

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