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February 25 2007

Buffy and Serenity comic book news from the Dark Horse panel at the New York Comic Con. More coverage over at (new Buffy spoilers!) and Newsarama.

New Serenity comic by the fall? Didn't expect it 'til the winter or maybe some time in 2008. In previous articles, have there been any indications as to how long the mini-series will be? I don't remember seeing any. Hopefully a bit longer than three issues this time, which only gave us one episode's worth of happenings last time, maybe a 2-parter's worth at best.
Like the setting of Drew Goddard's arc.
It's 3 issues (as far as I know). It's a shame, as I'd love to spend some quality time in that 'verse and it would definitely sell like biscuits -- but I can see why that isn't happening.
A new Serenity comic, pre-film? meh.

I'm still aching for a medium where a season two can be told, with a pregnant Zoe that refuses to take it easy, a slightly more sane River at the helm, the comedy of errors that would be Mal & Inara, Simon & Kaylee's own blossoming romance in the wings, and of course the man they call Jayne. After that blowup between him and Mal in the film, where Jayne downright threatened a one-man-mutiny, my days of seeing him on board that ship are certainly coming to a middle.

The loss of Wash & Book would weigh in heavy early on, but one can see YoSafBridge, Badger, or perhaps even The Operative each return for temp to perm stays. Each on the run from the Alliance with nowhere but Firefly to turn to. We also hadn't seen the last of Niska I'm sure. The wealth of tales to tell wasn't anywhere near done.

It's good to see that Whedon's found some place to get his stories out of him. Perhaps his own way of revisiting with old friends. Wading in those waters again to see if he likes the temperature, but I can't believe there's no place in television where stuff this good can't fluorish. How many negs was that?

Did Whedon get blackballed? What gives? It's been too long, and I want my Big Damn Sequel already. Considering how much time has passed, revisiting a live action version now might necessitate pushing things up a year or two, meaning that Zoe would already have the kid. I wanna see Gina Torres portray a pregnant Zoe. That would blow the doors off the hinges.
ZM, I choose to accept the comic taking place pre-film as a symbol of hope. Joss doesn't want to let go of the post-film stories to a medium that doesn't involve his actors, which means that he's holding onto the possibilty of telling that story live-action soon.

What I'd most like to see? Rewatching Firefly lately with a friend I noticed how ubiquitous mysoginy is in the 'verse: from Ath Wing to Rance Burgess and back again. And plus, of the three main powerful women we've seen off Serenity and thus outside the main cast (that is, Nandi, YoSaffBridge, and Patience), two of them use sex either as a trade or as a weapon. Is it this backward everywhere, and if so how could a strong woman like Zoe have gotten so far? I'd love to see more of the 'verse impassioned by Joss' feminist roots.
Is it this backward everywhere, and if so how could a strong woman like Zoe have gotten so far?

It depends whether or not you think using sex as either trade or a weapon is "backward". Clearly, given the high esteem in which Companions are held, sex for money is not looked down upon.

Clearly the fact that Zoe has gotten so far does show Joss' message. And if the Serenity-verse is backwards in other respects, that just reflects the world we live in.
Don't forget the powerful counselor(politician?) in War Stories.
I noticed how ubiquitous mysoginy is in the 'verse: from Ath Wing to Rance Burgess and back again

You chose the villans. I would think that hatred/contempt is a key part of the "winning personalities" of a bad guy, and not representative of the general populace ("ubiquitous").

Rance is definitely mysogynistic, but that's not the right emphasis for Ath. I got the impression that he was the Mickey for the future: he hated everything (and everyone of a lower economic class). To call him mysogynistic would be to imply that his contempt for Inara was more than what he had for Mal, which I don't think is true.
Last time I heard anything, the next set of comics wasn't merely "pre-movie" but "series-era". Has that changed, or is this article just using the movie as an easy reference point?

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Newsarama has more up from the Dark Horse panel.Some new spoilers for Buffy season 8.
The Newsarama site seems to be having diffs at the moment but I'll the link to the subject line once it gets sorted out.

BTW IGN has two articles about the Buffy and Serenity comic books so I've added them to the subject line.
I think the IGN article has a typo.

Season 8 Spoilers



The Newsarama report would make more sense I think.

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It's great to finally have a more concrete timetable for the new Serenity mini although the faster it gets to the shops the better.
Serenity: Better Days (is it still going by that?) will be out this fall? That's awesome. Both Buffy AND Cap'n Mal returning this year? My head is going to explode in a shower of (possibly bloody, gray matter-y, and messy) joy and happiness and love.


And I love the sound of Brian's arc because of the character possibilities, and Drew's for the location. Japan? Snazzy.

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