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February 25 2007

Romantic Times mentions Buffy comics. It was just another book review magazine on the Borders shelves, until the distinctive Buffy illustration in the upper left cover caught my eye.

Two one page articles. The first is about trying to attract female readers to graphic novels. The Buffy comics are in the list, and the opposite page mentions a contest to win subscriptions to the series.

The second is focused on the Buffy comics. Some quotes from Jane Espenson and Scott Allie (Dark Horse). They also mention the Buffy love and influence on writers of the "rising paranormal romance subgenre". And a nice quote by author Sherrilyn Kenyon: "I love Joss' work. He is my god."

(I was thinking that "vampire serials" would be shorter than rising paranormal romance subgenre, except that might get people confused with Count Chocula, the vampire cereal.)

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Interesting find, OneTeV. I'm not familiar with the magazine and in scanning the contents was curious if this is directed at unpublished writers? Is part of the article's point that this is a new market?

I'd heard about the growth of "paranormal romance" (I think they're not all vampire stories), and as I understand it the romance industry is branching out to a real variety of specialized lines.
I want to seee that piece about Atlantis...darn, I think I need to start my phantasy zoology series with Atlantean animals instead of Utopian ones, which interest me more.

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