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February 25 2007

The Ten Best RPG Characters in Film, TV and Literature include a certain Jayne Cobb and Wolverine in such illustrious company as Sam Gamgee, Inigo Montoya and Han Solo, illustrating why they're good additions to the crew for dramatic playing purposes.

An eclectic selection of characters--I didn't know two of them. Choices #1-2 are pretty predictable, but still, a good list overall....

But can you see a party with Tyrion Lannister, Inigo Montoya, and Jayne in it? Hmm.
Of course, if I were going to quibble, I'd point out that they're all guys.
I dunno - Cat was so good looking, I'm pretty sure that he transcended gender...At least, he thought so.

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I don't know half of those.
That's a pretty good list. I'm not familiar with Riftwar Saga, but the others are pretty good choices- Tyrion's absolutely someone I'd love to play, and though anyone from Firefly could be fun (I've got a character in one campaign based off Mal) Jayne is a great choice, too. And I was amused to see Cat in there.
I don't know half of those.

Which means that I know at least three of them that you don't. I'm guessing that Cat and Tyrion would be two of the ones you've missed--they're the two I've most recently become acquainted with, both in this century. Without knowing which ones you've missed, I can still say that odds are every one of them is in a readable/watchable medium.

    Here's some pointers on where to get started with them:
  • #10: No clue.
  • #9 Red Dwarf, Series (season) 1 is available from Amazon and NetFlix. Make sure you get the UK version, although the US version is justifiably rare....
  • #8 Um. I'm going to assume pretty much everyone has read, or knows where to get a copy of The Fellowship of the Ring. If not, try your local library, it should be in any public library that carries fiction. Purists argue that the recent movies gave Gimli less depth than the books, which I tend to agree with, but I STILL recommend the extended editions of the LoTR trilogy on DVD. The other dwarves he mentions? You're on your own.
  • #7 see #8.
  • #6 For completeness' sake, Firefly DVDs are available from Amazon and NetFlix, too. :-)
  • #5 Look for George R.R. Martin's A Game of Thrones at the bookseller of your choice. I STRONGLY advise against reading any of the novels out of order. The
  • #4 The Princess Bride is available on DVD from Amazon and NetFlix.
  • #3 No clue.
  • #2 I hear that Lucas DID release the unemasculated version of Han Solo (i.e., where he shoots first) on DVD at one point. Not being a huge Star Wars fan, I have no good idea where you can get an unadulterated copy of Star Wars on DVD at a resaonable price.
  • #1 Where to start? Well, Giant Sized X-Men #1, I suppose, if you can find it. :-) Although the Hugh Jackman portrayal may seem lacking to some longtime fans, I found it fine. X-Men and the two sequels are available on DVD from pretty much anywhere.
The Princess Bride is also a book, and although there is almost no difference between it and the movie, I recommend reading it just for the last two paragraphs.
Well now I've got to find what I did with the book and reread the last two paragraphs. I just have no memory of them at all.
Sturm Brightblade (#10) is from the Dragonlance novels, a series of D&D books, basically the first big series to come out and one that is still beloved by many nerds. I'm ambivalent on them. As a sidenote, though, it's actually kind of funny that he's listed there, since the characters were taken from the RPG campaign run by the novel's authors. If you'd be interested, look for Dragons of the Autumn Twilight.

Other dwarves mentioned include Bruenor Battlehammer of the Icewind Dale trilogy (more D&D novels, first book is The Crystal Shard), Flint Fireforge of the Dragonlance novels (see above), and I'm not familiar with the Prydian Chronicles.

I have a +12 on my Knowledge (Nerd Lore) check...
Impressive, Kishi.

The Chronicles of Prydain (note spelling) are juvenile fantasy (no, not THAT kind...) by Lloyd Alexander:

I read them as a child, but have no particular memories of the dwarf. At any rate, I plan on reading them to my sons in a year or two.

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