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February 25 2007

(SPOILER) New Jane Espenson Penned Battlestar Galactica on Tonight. "Dirty Hands," cowritten with Anne Cofell Saunders, will be airing on February 25th.

Really liked it. It gave us new insight into Gaius' past, as well as how far Adama will go to keep the crew in line. At first I thought it might be humdrumish -- no Cylon action -- but I was pulled right in. Good episode, Jane!
I changed the link to AICN so it'll be permanent.
Everytime we link to AICN I can't help but read the comments. Must go scrub out my brain now.
OK. AICN is a better link. Thanks.

Loved tonight's episode! Very well done.
I loved this episode, but then this is a show that IMO can pretty much do no wrong. And I hold it to higher standards than most, because it's just so consistently excellent. I can never get past the BtS comparisons in my head, when a show is this marvelously multi-layered & complex, especially a genera show. And this season I've been noticing how beautifully they handle the individual story arcs within the huge, sprawling main arc, without ever losing the overall continuity of the universe they've created.
Two eps in a row now with basically no Cylons, & I have no complaints. I love the spacy, dreamlike quality of the Cylon-centric eps, but the gritty, "mundane issue" driven eps are just as compelling. I love this show so much, I could cry. The only thing that could make it better is if each ep ran for ninety minutes. Or bringing James Marsters on as one of the Final Five, my personal fantasy. Jane has found the best of all possible homes. Yay Jane!
End of gushathon.
I thought it was an awesome episode. It was like Jimmy Hoffa... in space.
I love a show that can present a debate and have me agreeing with all sides at the same time! This was really a standout episode.
It was kind of unnerving to see Edward James Olmos, an avowed Chavista, playing such a fascist prick in this episode. At the moment Adama was threatening Tyrol's wife, I absolutely hated him!

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reminder that Jane will be at WonderCon this weekend for signings and a panel. Hope to see some of you there!!!
It gave us new insight into Gaius' past

-- IF Gaius was telling the truth! I got the feeling he was a big damn liar, lol! ;-)
Damn, I cannot figure out how to pull quotes into the comment box .... but everytime I log on here, I get a "!Done, but with errors on page" so it's probably something with my settings & I'm not nearly computer literate enough to figure it out. Anyhow ....

Nebula 1400 Wrote: "At the moment Adama was threatning Typol's wife, I absolutely hated him." ..... Yes! And this is what I love so much about this show, and why it constantly reminds me of BtVS. It's literally dripping with moral ambuiguity.
Has anyone checked out the discussion forum on the SciFi channel site? It's hysterical. After the episode "Unfinished Business", the posters were going at it like a bunch of Bangel's and Spuffy's on crack. I haven't been back since, but it was scary. In a totally hilarious way.

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