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February 26 2007

Niska Joins Browncoat Cruise. Just in over the wires, as it were. Michael Fairman has signed on to the Browncoat Cruise, coming this December.


I'm anticipating that being at sea with the Browncoats on this cruise would be like rocketing the Serenity to ...oh...where...ah yes...Skyplace!!! Where they will all immediately become my prisoners. They will learn that Niska can be fun -- with good food, the sea and the stars, they will discover that it will be five days of delightful torture.

I am so excited by the prospect of spending time with this pack of joyous souls I've nearly wet myself. Believe it or not after meeting a swarm of them in England and in Los Angeles, they’ve made me believe I have a heart; that I'm capable of even... affection. I look forward to their energy, their comradeship and their spirit of fun.

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He blogged as the character of Niska? That is hi-larious! :-)
This is really starting to look like fun. Just keeping my fingers crossed for some BDHs to sign on!
We now have a BDV (Big Damn Villain). Yeah! I'm glad it's Niska.

Brian also posted this:
"Great news everyone - we have our second official guest! Michael Fairman aka Adelai Niska will be torturing....I mean entertaining the Browncoats. More guests will be announced soon."

More guests? Sounds great!
This is awful - I can't remember who he is from the show. Now I'll have a good excuse to watch that episode, not that I want to see Mal get tortured again.
I've never been on a cruise or to a con. It sounds interesting. But what the heck do a bunch of browncoats do stuck in a boat on the ocean for a week???

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But what the heck do a bunch of browncoats do stuck in a boat on the ocean for a week???

Since this will be the first time, you'll have to get on the boat to find out.
This is such good news. I only got a chance to say thank you to him at FlanB but by the way he stayed and stayed and partied in that huge crowd, I'd say he is the perfect person to join the cruise.
kerfuffle, I would say that drinking usually plays a large part ;), but so do Q &A sessions and just hanging out with fellow browncoats.
Tonya J, don't forget that Niska is in The Train Job, too. Now you have an excuse to watch 2 eps -- for research! ;-)

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