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February 26 2007

Sarah Michelle Gellar at an Oscar party. Sarah and her co-star from Addicted, Lee Pace, attended the Elton John Aids Foundation Oscar Party. Lee Pace was in Wonderfalls.

Congratulations to Doug Jones' picture Pan's Labyrinth won 3 Oscars for Cinematography, Art Direction and Make-up.

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You should add a congrats to Doug Jones (one of the main Gentlemen from "Hush") who starred in Pan's Labyrinth, the film walked away with 3 Oscars last night out of the 6 it was nominated for.

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On the Early Show's Oscar party coverage this morning, Jada Pinkett-Smith said the reason her son was up past his bedtime-- "he's here to meet Sarah Michelle Gellar" and he got his wish. I guess they really are huge Buffy fans in the Smith house.
Ya gotta loves ya some brunette SMG!
I'm not the biggest fan ever of that dress, but she certainly rocks it. Her accessories are beautiful, and she looks radiant. I love her as a brunette.
Sarah looks great. Not many could pull of that look and she does it.

That's cute about Will & Jada's son wanting to meet SMG and he did. Thanks CaptainB.
SMG doesn't seem to wear these odd looks very well, but her face is radiant and I love her accessories too. Dress aside, she looks great!

Also, the Smiths with the Buffy love makes me respect them even more. Good for them. :)
Not a dress I'd normally like, but she looks amazing in it. And Lee Pace is the hotness. I didn't know they were doing a movie together and now I'm very excited. I like, however, how it labels him as her "new mystery man".
Thanks RavenU for the suggestion to add Doug Jones. :)

I've tried to add a link to but I'm having no luck. There is a video of the make-up artists who worked with Doug Jones to create his character.
Strange but the last two photos I have seen of SMG (this one being the second) the thought crossed by mind that she is pregnant. Of course this dress brought that to mind immediately but I am really thinking it because her face looks fuller and very radiant.
I like the dress and I agree, it does make you wonder. She looks great all around and I don't always think that of SMG. Good on her.
Ooh, very exciting to know Lee Pace will be in a film with Sarah. I absolutely loved him in Wonderfalls.
She's gorgeous as a brunette, altho I think the hair she had in BtVS captured the "inner blonde" of her true soul.

Dangit, I wish I couldw rite mysteries...and screenpalys. I ahve thsi terrific idea for a film with SMG as a rookie detective, Will SMith as her almost-not-quite burned otu aprtner, Daniel Craig as the serial killer they're chasing, Amber Benson as SMG's exasperated girlfriend, and Lauren Bacall as SMG's grandmother. If I could just write the thing, I'm sure some smart agent would fall in love with it and get them all inetrested.

People on another website have remarked on SMG looking, is the word "pre-maternal" maybe? Which could be a third reason, besides her own desire to go natural and requirements of the three latest films, why she's not bleaching. (Hey, my ex couldn't frost when our Kit-kat was in the oven, and in my preganncy fanfics I ahev both Willow and Tara going natural.)
Sarah looks lovely. Beautiful in fact.
She looks beautiful, I like the hair, but I have to say that I just don't get the dress. Even beyond the shapelessness of it, I think its pretty ugly, color and all.

Still, it's not like I am any kind of fashion expert so what does it matter.
I miss blonde SMG. Though SMG is beautiful no matter what look she sports.

I too heard the remark Jada made about her son meeting Buffy then going to bed (I would have said I'll be in my bunk but that's just me). I admire the Smiths for a lot of reasons including not spanking their children; one practice I have developed a solid distaste for. If the kids mind, let them watch BtVS. If they don't, make them watch Smallville. That'll learn 'em.
Sarah Gellar is really really ridiculously good-looking.

*ahem* I've been on a Zoolander kick. Anyway, she's beautiful and Lee Pace is an adorable man. I'm glad she went with him as people have noticed. I can't wait to see them in Addicted together.

I wonder where that hubby of her's was hiding?

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I'm smiling as I read the comments about the Smith family love of Sarah Michelle Geller/ Buffy, because absent any actual BUFFY remarks from Jada or Will, my assumption was that a lil guy like Jaden would know Sarah from the Scooby-Doo movies, not BUFFY (and please GOD not from SMG's recent horror flix!)

I happened to be browsing the MSN Oscars gallery, and suddenly I noticed this picture of Sarah with Will, Jada and their son. It looks like he got his wish! And I agree, she looks very healthy and beautiful. I wonder why she didn't attend with Freddie, though.
Oscars after-parties are THE place to sidle up to A-list stars and pretend to be their pals. Will Smith and family do their best to ignore Sarah Michelle Gellar.

The blub under that photo is pretty harsh/ridiculous, considering the stories of The Smiths being big Buffy and Sarah fans. Either there's someone at MSN who really doesn't like SMG or the sarcasm isn't translating well.

ETA: LOL, nevermind, it seems mostly ALL the comments are incredibly snarky.

Anyway, that photo is absolutely adorable. Lucky Jaden!

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Not crazy about the dress, but she carries it off well. I wondered about the pregnancy situation as well, but hasn't it been awhile since the last photo...or am I losing all perspective on time again?

"I'm smiling as I read the comments about the Smith family love of Sarah Michelle Geller/ Buffy, because absent any actual BUFFY remarks from Jada or Will, my assumption was that a lil guy like Jaden would know Sarah from the Scooby-Doo movies, not BUFFY (and please GOD not from SMG's recent horror flix!)
firefloozysuzie | February 27, 16:30 CET "

Somewhere in the past there was a link that included a comment by Will Smith that they watch BtVS. Depending on the child and how sneaky the parent is, it is possible to watch BtVS and miss the sections that are not appropriate. I watched on the sly for a while trying not to let my son see. Then he got a peak and it became almost impossible. As he put it at the time. "I want to watch too. This is the only thing you watch that isn't boring." So I let him watch but got a little sneaky.

As my son gets older and he hears me talking with someone about a particular episode or scene he'll sometimes say, "I don't remember that." After thinking about it, I'll realize that it was one that somehow got skipped when he was watching with me. ;-) Even so, it has been a great source of discussion about human beings over the years. Questions he asked me like "How come Buffy is so mean to Spike?" lead any number of places depending on his age. Willow and Tara eased the way when it was time to explain and discuss heterosexuality, homosexuality and bi-sexuality...especially as applied to various people in his life.
newcj beat me to the comment - the Will Smith watches Buffy link is here.

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