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February 26 2007

'Death at a Funeral' to World Premiere at HBO US Comedy Arts Festival. The Alan Tudyk film joins Fillion's Waitress on the schedule at the festival that starts this week in Aspen, Colorado.

The first showing is March 1 at 3pm, with a second showing March 2 at 5:15pm.

No word if Alan can break away from his Broadway duties to make an appearance.

Anyone here going to it?
Too far away for me. I haven't been following the weather in that part of the country. Is it drivable for you folks in the general area?

Do we know if AT is playing a Brit? Just wondering.
I cannot wait to see this on HBO, whenever they decide to air it! Alan Tudyk playing a Brit in a weird, dysfunctional family? And what a cast. I don't care if Frank Oz did direct it.
It features a nude Alan Tudyk.

* goes off to see how much tickets are to Aspen *

[ edited by zengrrl on 2007-02-26 23:12 ]
Drivable for locals, but I wouldn't recommend it for amateurs. If you can't fly straight into Aspen, hire a driver. ;-)

The tickets are sold in packages to locals or even more expensively in packages for anyone, but some single event tickets are available starting this week. It's crazy crowded at the fest, I will probably avoid unless there will be personal appearances by our particular BDHs, which, we've heard, there won't be. :-(

On the plus side, the Festival has a lot of standup performances, so if you like live comedy, including one from my hero Josh Blue, come on over to Aspen (and bring several thousand dollars for food and beverages -- not a cheap town to visit, yo)! ;-)

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