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February 26 2007

(SPOILER) Mark Millar on Joss Whedon. The writer of 'Civil War' describes how Joss helped craft the end of the Marvel blockbuster.

"His work done, Whedon donned his hat, climbed back on his horse and rode off into the sunset to help others. I'm not kidding, the bugger was there ten minutes and he solved everything."

I like how this tale grows with each telling - and now has strapping on his hat and in ten minutes flat...

We gotta go to the comics company where I'm a hero!
it's too bad millar didn't let joss write the final issue because issue 7 of the civil war was the biggest piece of garbage i've read in recent memory.

and fyi mr. millar; tony stark didn't win the argument. did you read the past six issues you wrote? i'm not going to spoil it for anyone who hasn't read the last issue. do yourself a favor and save your hard earned cash.

and the civil war had so much promise too. that's the sad part.
And just how in the 7734 is "they always show up and fight then realize the error of their ways" in any way unpredictable?
So, who won? The north or the south?
The part of the south where they run around with their underwear outside their pants.

(But, good food down there.)
I was surprised with this interview. Millar normally comes off sounding like an ass in most of the interviews I've read. Even if it's only one random comment it's normally there. So when I got to the end of the thing I was surprised and a bit impressed. Then I read the last answer:

MM: Like all my pals, the TV and movie people have come calling and even the computer game people (which is weird because games are for pedos and I have no interest).

Oh Mark, you came so close. I'm still waiting on the last issue of the Ultimate Vol 2. In the time it took to do 26 issues of the Ultimates, Bendis and Bagley have done 104 issues of Ultimate Spider-Man.
Actually, they started a couple of years earlier, so it's only about 80 versus 26.
And just how in the 7734 is "they always show up and fight then realize the error of their ways" in any way unpredictable?

Well, the remark seems to be pointed at DC comics. I've never followed DC comics regularly, so I don't have an opinion one way or the other, but I think I know what Millar is referring to.

Generally speaking here, sometimes writers take the easy way out to avoid a superhero fight. The "predictable" here is heroes realizing the error of their ways before a punch is even thrown.

Even more generally speaking, these kind of cop outs often stem from certain limitations on what a writer can or can't do with a character ("You can't have X fight Y! X is from Mars and... and... Y is green!"). I seem to recall J. Michael Straczynski once mentioned such limitations as the reason he chose to go with Marvel rather than with DC.
You're right Craig. According to the Wikipedia Ultimate Spider-Man came out in Oct 2000 and The Ultimates started in 2001, doesn't list a month. I started reading both of them late. Something like #3 on The Ultimates and #20-ish on Spider-Man.

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