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February 26 2007

1313 Cota Ave, Torrance CA (AKA 1630 Revello Dr, Sunnydale CA). An aerial view of the house in Torrance, California, used for the exterior shots of Buffy's home (scroll halfway down the page).

I was trying to find the High School (which we know wasn't really blown up after all) in the aerial view, but no luck. Someday I really want to go visit this house.
I encourage anyone who gets a chance to take a stroll by. It's kind of surreal to see the house and 'Spike's tree', as I like to call it.

As a matter of fact, when the in-laws are in town this year, hubby and I will have to take MIL to see it and the high school. A must see for any Buffy fan who finds themselves in Torrance(and really, there is no other reason to be in Torrance...) :~P
I was born in Torrance...
The house for House on Haunted Hill, also on that page, was also Angel's mansion during his Sunnydale days.
Wow, $795,000? No wonder Buffy had to pull double shifts... ouch!
It's four bedrooms and two baths, which is a bit big for a Slayer, her sis and her mom, isn't it? Otherwise, price makes sense.
I've lived my whole life in Torrance and funny enough, I've never been by Buffy's house. However, I do go by the high school all the time because it's like three blocks from my house and on the way to everything that there is in Torrance (which may not be a lot, but who needs a lot when we're next to all the cities that have everything anyway... ;)
4 beds and 2 baths in LA? $795 is a steal.
I was trying to find the High School (which we know wasn't really blown up after all) in the aerial view, but no luck.

Torrance High School is here in the aerial view.
Perhaps Buffy should have taken Anya's advise. "Charge!"

What is the going rate for a vampire slayer? Per vamp or slay per hour? The world will never know ;)
400,000 seems a bit steep but not totally mind boggling. If it's a nice area, good schools etc. then it's not bad (did Buffy have a pool ? Can't recall). Also, if you're a spy it's ideal since all the trees make it pretty satellite proof. It's one of the first things I look for in a house.

Like the view of the high-school, cheers janeway216.

Just think those were the very steps where Xander made an arse of himself on Buffy's first day, that was the very courtyard type thing where Giles' mate came looking for him (and expired) while pursued by beastie.

It's like the time I went to Robert the Bruce's cave only with fewer spiders.
Phooey that that site isn't compatible with Safari (Apple's browser for the Mac), but at least it works with Firefox.

If anyone is interested in that sort of thing, I recently posted various BtVS and AtS filming location photos, starting a few posts down on this page and continuing from there.
I lived really close to Torrance High for about four years, starting when I was seven or eight years old. I just spent a half hour pouring over the maps, but I can't remember the name of the street, since it was about a hundred years ago. Tomorrow I'm going to call my mom & ask her, but I think I actually lived within less than five miles from "Buffy's house"!
I know that if we hadn't moved, I would have eventually gone to Torrance High, because many years later I had a good friend who'd lived in the area several years after I did, & graduated from there. She never mentioned the mayor turning into a giant snake & eating the principal but hey, it's So. Cal .... might have just slipped her mind.
Now I'm just blown away, for some reason I thought the residential exteriors were shot in Van Nuys. Aarrrrrg!!!! It's so totally cosmic.
I've driven by that house a number of times now (can't quite get up the courage to walk by, it seems creepy enough just driving), and it really is quite odd to see it.

I love going to the high school (which is literally just up the street from the house), it's just so incredibly surreal to stand in that courtyard. And the Ennis Brown House (Angel's mansion) is unbelievable too; doesn't look anything inside like what they showed on TV, but driving up to it and seeing it from the side is pretty amazing.

Hmmm. I think I've spent too much time going to Buffy and Angel sites on my trips to LA...
deanna b, those pics were really great. It's so strange being able to look at the photos and thinking "wow, you first saw Xander here", or "Buffy and the gang ate lunch here". I can't imagine actually living in that area.

Just out of curiosity, how did they work out the filming schedule? Did they do most of it while school was in recess, or on weekends?
$795K does sound like a lot but I feel I have to point out here that the house has appreciated in value over the last ten years. And at the time Joyce... Buffy's Mom, got the house she had just been awarded the house in LA in the divorce settlement. I would like to think that the Summers girls owned the house out-right and were only having to pay taxes and insurance (or that Buffy's Dad's child support had actually included paying the mortgage).
Of course it is too bad that property values had dropped like a stone in Sunnydale and eventually the entire town was swallowed up in a giant sink hole. Because if they hadn't bought the new, and very expensive, separate earthquake insurance, I'm afraid they probably didn't get paid anything after their home was destroyed.
Interesting map site. Anyone know how recent their aerial photos are? Because I was looking at various LA sites including the Buffy studio and the building is still there but the Main St set is gone. I thought the entire building had been knocked down and redeveloped?
(The set is still there on the map view but not there on the birds eye view.)

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I love Buffy's house but if I won Lotto, I would buy the Dead Again house in L.A. hands down.
great photos deanna...thanks for posting...i too am a mac user and couldn't follow this link.

as i looked at the pics though, i wondered...when did they film the school scenes? isn't this high school in use? did they film during the summer? i would love to visit torrance some day and do a buffy would be way too trippy going through Buffy's house (i remember reading that the owner allowed tours at some point). some of the interiors were shot in the house, correct? (ie...was the set modeled after the actual interior of the house?).

deanna, you should get some pics of you at the high school! it would be cool to see a real person chilling at sunnydale high.
Did Buffy have a pool?

I don't think so, if only because the Potentials were shown practicing in her backyard in S7 and there wasn't really room for a pool.

Some of the interiors were shot in the house, correct?

Early on, some of them were, but they eventually built a set replica of the house. I seem to remember that the replica house was slightly different from the real house (for one, it was larger) but don't have any more details on that.

it would be cool to see a real person chilling at sunnydale high.

I do have pictures of myself at the high school -- I'm just a bit reluctant to put them online as I hate having pictures of myself online. Perhaps if I draw a bag over my head I'll put them up. I did however finally upload the pictures I took at some Buffy/Angel locations to Flickr; they start here:
great photos deanna...thanks for posting...i too am a mac user and couldn't follow this link.

Try the link in Firefox. It loads just fine. In fact, a lot of pages load faster in Firefox than they do in Safari!

BTW:Which house is it? The one with all the trees? Because there's 2 houses (that have 2 palm trees) right next door to each other.
I too did the Buffy/Angel tour when I visited LA, and my god, it was surreal! Last month I whipped out the old video footage I have (we went there almost 3 years ago when I was 16). Oh my god, it was hilarious hearing me squeel to myself (my family stayed in the car) as I'm giving myself a private tour of the Sunnydale High! It was was one of the greatest experiences of my life! And then we drove a few streets over to Buffy's house. It felt very very strange. I didn't really want to stay that long, first knowing that people actually lived there, second because this house shouldn't exist anymore in the Buffyverse, and third because of all the memories I associate with this place. It was odd. But I must say, seeing Angel Investigations up close was so freakin cool! If I ever move to LA I would love an apartment there (because I most certainly could never afford to buy Buffy's house lol).

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