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February 27 2007

(SPOILER) Willow does a Giles line... sorry to be so cryptic, but like it says, (SPOILER)! click through...!

I just took a look at fellow Whedonesquer The Fifth Element's new photos of some Dark Horse promo posters for BtVS S8 in The Library, and this one stood out:

...there's a few new panels of Xander "at work", but the one that got me all happy was this shot of Willow, presumably talking to Buffy, and reprising one of my all-time favorite BtVS lines "I'd like to test that theory".

annagranfors (long difficult name). Take a second look.

Good look? Now do it again with reads from our members.

Take your time, I'm good.
Linking to your own stuff (even photoshopped stuff) is against our rules so I've changed the link to The Fifth Element's pic.
Xander is so Nick Fury that I can't imagine there won't be a reference.

Also: Willow!!!
I knew I should have stopped at the Dark Horse booth...I want that poster of Buffy!
Okay, but if Willow starts being a "funny drunk" and singing Who songs in coffee bars, Joss has officially run out of new ideas. ;)
Does the link make any sense to anyone? All I see is a convention promo with undreadable text and almost unrecognizable drawings.
If you have a Flickr account, you can see it in super big format.
You can go to this link to see all the available sizes without signing in (but even at its largest, it's not easy to make out all the text). Only a little longer until we get the real deal!
Or view annagranfors' original link (as she did go a lot of effort to tidy it all up) and enlarge it.

Willow jpg

Flickr link
Shai said:
"Okay, but if Willow starts being a "funny drunk" and singing Who songs in coffee bars, Joss has officially run out of new ideas. ;)"

Maybe, but it'd be hilarious.

Don't mind them reusing this line, it was one of the coolest moments of season 6.
Dude. That's great. Unfortunately, I've now completely spoiled myself for what I'm just going to assume is a last-page splash.

(Yes, I know what happens when you assume.)

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