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February 27 2007

"What Would Buffy Do" studies at a UU church. Unitarian Universalist Church in Attleboro, MA, is giving classes on the spiritual and philosophical side of the series.

Double post at the same time. Oops.
Mods? :)
That's so cool! And pretty near me.
From the article:

"All matters are resolved in the end, of course,"

Depends on how you define resolved, I think!
I just finished up teaching this curriculum at the UU church in Baton Rouge, LA. We had a great time with it.
Youze Yooneevertarians get all the cool study programs!!!
I wish the Unitarian Church in my area would do this.
Nice article, but what does she mean, "made up monsters?" ;-)
Not the first time Unitarians have studied BtVS! I wonder if this was a spontaneous occurrence, or were the others influenced by the "Unitarian Slayer"?
Wow! My mom's a Unitarian. If they'd had classes like this when I was young she would've been able to drag me to church more often. Of course, impossible because there was no Buffy when I was young, but still...very nice.
What's a Unitarian?
From Wikipedia: Unitarianism

As someone with many UU friends, I'd say, based on what I've seen through their examples, that it's a faith that prizes open-minded acceptance of others regardless of race, gender or sexual orientation, an uncommon respect for the validity of individual spiritual beliefs, and a mentality that welcomes and promotes equality of the sexes. I don't find it at all surprising that they'd be drawn to the Buffyverse.

Unfortunately I didn't hear about the discussion sessions that were held in Raleigh until after they were over, but I'm hoping someone from the local UU church will be influenced through word-of-mouth to hold the same thing here in central NC. It would be wonderful to study the spirituality of BtVS with a group able to appreciate what a powerful tool for good it is and can be.

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