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February 27 2007

Happy Birthday (on Feb 27) Adam Baldwin!

I see that we are already posting into Feb 28, but it's still Feb 27 here in North America and I just noticed it's our favourite mercenary's birthday. All the best to you, Adam.

[ edited by Eden on 2007-02-28 02:24 ]

So many BDH and Buffy hero birthdays recently!

And if I may get personal for a moment, I have to say that I loved Adam long before Firefly was ever a glint in a writer genius' eye:

There once was a young man named Adam
who played a role I will never forget.
When he came on the screen he stood apart,
his lonely existence and pain stole my heart.
Now when it comes to acting, I am opinionated and picky
and when it comes to Adam, no one else could have played Ricky.
Your alliance with Mr. Whedon wasn't luck, it was fate
Because that early role gave you wings to be great.

Happy birthday, Adam.

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Yeah, and it's still early here where he (probably) lives in PST time. So Happy Birthday Adam!

Noticed his Birthdate, and since mine was just a few months earlier, I gotta say that he's a damn young looking guy for his age - and as Mal would put it "Purty".
hope you have a fabulous birthday Adam
Happy Birthday to the Hero of Canton!
Happy birthday, Adam.

I'll wear my Jayne cap in your honor tonight.
Happy birthday Adam Baldwin. My son was very happy to find out he shared a birthday with you.
Happy Birthday Adam!
Mr. Baldwin, my dad would have turned 80 today...were he still with us, I know we would both wish you a very happy birthday, and many, many more.
Happy birthday Adam! Live long and prosper :)
Happy birthday Adam. I love your smile.
Happy Birthday! You are my absolute favorite character on Firefly. I even have your action figure sitting on my breakfast table, it makes me smile.

Have a great year!!

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