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February 27 2007

(SPOILER) Michael Muhney's Resume Needs Some Joss. Great interview from iFMagazine with Michael's thoughts on Veronica Mars and that missing name on his resume. Spoilers from last week's episode.

I sort of feel like an honorary member of the Whedon-verse; I feel like there is a spot on my resume where someone used white out on the show that I shot for Joss.

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Warning: huge spoilers if you haven't seen last weeks ep. Just wanted to repeat it in case you looked at this before the site.
Uh, Mort, putting semi-colons between the tags make it one giant tag! Apparently.

Yes, poor Sheriff Lamb. Stupid Veronica Mars writers. At least Joss would have made it mean something - without the stupid, oblique reference to MASH thrown in.
Edited tags and added period to end of title (this is important!).
Ugh. Its too much Outlook at work. Has me trained to semicolon where commas are CLEARLY more natural. Stupid Microsloth. :)
Can someone clue me in on what exactly the MASH reference was about. And why? I guess some meaning behind the 'I smell bread' line is good but, ?? And I'm going to miss Lamb. :( It just seemed so sudden.
Well, the "I smell bread" line was both a non-sequitir here as it was in MASH. So all it ends up being here is a pop culture reference - and an undignified end.
Well, Lamb wasn't a very dignified person.
Sorry, who used the line "I smell bread" in MASH? I've seen every episode of the show, and the movie, and I'm still drawing a blank.

Well, Lamb dying an undignified death being killed by a meth-head seems vaguely appropriate for a local sheriff who isn't entirely competent. And yet I feel bad for Muhney, because he's right that there was so much unused potential for Lamb, and he has always been so enthusiastic about the show. His silently releasing Veronica and Duncan is one of the best moments in the series. (I always thought the child abuse implication was a bit much, but it *is* Neptune.)

The jury's out for now on whether I am okay Lamb's death or not--it depends on whether or not the only purpose was the convenience of putting Keith back as sheriff, or if they're going somewhere with this. I'm leaning towards negative but I'm reserving judgment for a bit.

Muhney, you will be missed!
It was a bit actor... from some sermon I just found here:
At one point a patient who is dying hears his voice and calls out, "Doc, doc, …" And Winchester comes over and kneels down next to this young soldier's cot and takes the soldier's hand is his. The soldier says, "Doc, is that you?" The soldier can't see. And Winchester says, "It's me." And the soldier says, "Take my hand". And Winchester says, "I've got your hand." And this young soldier says "I'm dying." Winchester immediately recognizes that he has a witness. He has somebody who can tell him what it might be like. And so Winchester starts asking this soldier, almost begging this soldier, "What do you see? What do you see?" The soldier answers, "I can't see anything." Winchester says "you've got to see something. Tell me what you see." And the soldier finally says "I can't see anything, but I think I smell bread."

I wasn't happy about Lamb's death. He was one of my favorite characters, I really thought he had a lot of potential for growth.

MM was great in the roll.
Did we see the final episode of Veronica Mars last night?

Lamb was a character I hated- until I saw him die and realized that he was not coming back, not that there was necessarily a show for him to come back to.
I will really miss Lamb as a foil for Veronica. And MM himself because he is a great guy and a fellow Browncoat. And I too can't wait to see him in a Joss production.
Sadly, I think the statement "There was such vast potential . . . that wasn’t realized" stands for the whole direction of the show, after season 1.
I agree, he was awesome on that show. His death sucked though. It was cheap.
Thanks Mort. Actually that episode is one of my's just been such a long time.

And bringing it up reminds me of how a show like MASH took a theoretically unlikable character like Winchester and infused him with depth and meaning, which again makes VM look pretty bad in comparison.

I disagree, barboo, in that I think season two did actually realize quite a lot of potential. It wasn't as strong as the first season, but parts of it still give me chills. Season three, on the other hand....

Dana, while aspects of last night's episode felt like a series finale, I'm pretty sure there are five episodes left this season after a few week hiatus.
And here I was so looking forward to the inevitable hook-up between Veronica and Lamb.

WilliamtheB- you are correct. I did see this over on TWOP, and assume that the new eps will address VM's developing relation with Piz- I had hoped that there was more because some felt unfinished- Weevil, Wallace, Mac. I do hope that Logan and Parker stay together; I don't really see where they can go with Logan and VM any more.
WilliamTheB, I agree that Season 2 was better than the current one, but it wasn't in the same ballpark as the first, and I think a lot of the problems with this season were planted in season 2 - going for plot twists at the cost of character development. That said, the last few episodes have picked up in quality hugely.

And it's possible we could see Lamb again. Dead people do show up on VM, if not with the same frequency that they do in the Buffyverse. Lily was dead the entire time she was on the show, and Cyrus just made a new appearance.
I feel so sad... This is the dumbest thing I've ever seen on Veronica Mars.
His dead was so useless... I think his dead would made a great mystery to solve, instead of this quick dead. A few weeks ago, Rob said something about Lily's mystery being untopable (is this a word?) because he won't kill a regular every season. And now this... Sorry, but I don't understand why he let this great opportunity to go.

And well, Keith as sheriff sounds a bit like series finales, I just don't get what they're doing.
Seems he forgot about Charisma who was actually the longest running verse character on the show. How fun to read about his enthusiasm for BSG. His story about the Supernatural producer makes me think again how very interconnected so many shows are behind the scenes. Hope his potential new project works out for him.

That's a good point Angel TheVampire. With 5 episodes left they could still have done a short arc re: his death. I can only guess they're planning to tie up some loose ends with other storylines.
Yeah, I'm all for the meaningful TV killing but the Sheriff's death felt random and meaningless. I loved this character, but I'd let him go gracefully if it felt even remotely organic to the Marsiverse. And even though there are, of course, random and meaningless deaths a' plenty in the Real World, if you're writing such deaths they must serve the story.

I didn't get what this served... unless it was the budget or something...

Meanwhile, he is of course a Browncoat and an honorary Whedon-actor forever in my book 'cause of Backup Bash.
I know! Where would Rob have gotten the idea for a sudden, pointless killing of a loved character? *cough*impaled*cough*

I'm a big fan of Michael Muhney and enjoyed him on the show (I enjoy everyone on Veronica Mars), but I didn't find anything cheap or empty about his death at all. It seemed electrifying to me, it reminded me again about why I love this show: Rob Thomas is never afraid of the big plot twists and shocking events. I sure hope they will be back in May!
RIP Lamb. It was not a great death, and I am almost sad to watch VM this season there are so many things that don't fit with the VM spirit of S1 and S2. I'm glad Keith is sheriff and that Veronica solved the dean's murder (we knew she would!), but, yeah, it just wasn't the hunt for Lily's killer. Or the school bus bomber. Well, let's see what happens in May. :-(

BTW: People with a bad head injury hallucinate with all their senses. If you smell something that's not there (like, say, bread), it's a symptom that you have a very bad problem/sickness/ouch in your brain.

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