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February 28 2007

Vote for Joss at Publicly declare your love for the Big Purple with a simple click of the mouse.

While you're killing time at mancrush you can also cast votes for other Whedonverse alumni such as Nathan Fillion or James Marsters. If you're looking to kill even more time, try your hand at adding a profile (that delightful young man Tony Head has been egregiously overlooked thusfar).

(First-ever post, admittedly silly, but I'm crossing my fingers that I still managed to follow all the rules!)

These kinds of voting sites are so lame, if you really want Joss to move ahead then voting for him is not enough: you have to vote against everyone above him (even the really cool guys).
LOL embers. That's what I did for a few people, and voila - Joss in the top 100. I couldn't help giving Christian Bale an up, but just about everyone else got voted against in good conscience - I really don't think that they're hot. I was split on Neil Patrick Harris, and didn't vote for him.
So Joss rates higher than Nathan?

Mr. Fillion is somewhere weeping quietly. (While Mr. Whedon giggles like a giddy girl.)
Alas, I cannot vote Han Solo down just to advance Joss. Sorry, Big Purple.
Joss is poised to beat Jesus any second now... (no, seriously)
Joss is now ahead of Jesus, at number 16. Jesus is around #20, I think. The only other vote I did was for James Marsters, now at #42. Jon Stewart and Steven Colbert are now at numbers 1 and 2. Sorry, but I'm not going to be the one to vote either of them down. Joss would probably understand.
I don't get this, you can vote as many times as you like, either plus or minus?
If he's higher up than Jesus does that make him higher than John Lennon too ? Inquiring minds ...

It's interesting (and cool) to see Darwin up there. He's even higher (for now) than Jack Bauer. Is there any higher praise ?
Joss is now at number 9. And I figured out the voting, by,umm ....trying to vote too often,thus bringing up a page saying: The maximun up vote is one per man, per hour. The maximun down vote is one per man, per *day*.
James Marsters is now at #32, thanks to me adding a "down' vote for Einstein. :)
Wow. Well done, whedonesque. I have woken up to Joss as #1.
Joss is now #2, but as Jon Stewart is #1 -- and Jim Halpert, Steven Colbert, and Steve Carell take the rest of those top 5 spots -- I'm still a very happy camper. *glee*
Jim Halpert, a fictional character is beating out our man! Vote! Vote! ;)
I woke up to Joss at #1 too! What a rush! (Yesterday it was Jon Stewart... also cool.) Did my bit to move Marsters and Fillion up, but I had to vote for Clooney too... can't help myself... ;-)

And yes, this is totally silly. Plus, as a woman, I'm not sure I'm even allowed to have a mancrush... isn't it just a "crush" for me?
Joss is good but he'll never take Colbert. At least not without a knockdown-dragdown first.
At the moment, Mal is just ahead of Jesus Christ.
This particular pointless voting site certainly makes for some of the more entertaining play-by-play posts I've seen.
If Joss becomes bigger than Jesus (or Lennon) and he says he is, his albums will be publicly burnt.

If Joss becomes bigger than Jesus (or Lennon) and he doesn't mention it, he will sell more albums.

If Joss becomes bigger than Jesus, but makes a political statement at a concert, his albums will be burnt and his popularity will plummet, however temporarily, but one of his own TV shows will prominently display a poster of him after the summer hiatus.

If Joss becomes bigger than Jesus (or Lennon) and he hasn't previously produced any albums, then there is, unfortunately, no precedent, and we're all up shit's creek without a precedent.

It's very hard being bigger than Jesus and not a fate I would wish on anyone, unless they are Jesus, who has become used to it.
Seems like Adam Baldwin isn't even on the list...? Huh.
Jobs: Producer, Director, Writer, Lyricist, God

Yup, don't see anything wrong with that job description!
Whoa, what the fuck??? Joss is back down to #32 :( I can understand the Jon Stewart/Steven Colbert thing, they are pretty much the currently most adored pop-culture figures on the internet. And I have to say I am one of the adorer's. But why the huge drop for Joss, & how the hell did all the rest of those thirty or so mere mortals get ahead of him? Well, maybe George Clooney is a bit more than a mere mortal, but hey ....
Well, I have a theory, but I don't think it's an allowed topic of discussion here. Let's just say that Stewart & Colbert are unambigously worshiped by their fans, whereas Joss has a tendency to be, umm, controversial. Even to those hand biters who adore his creations. Which of course simply confirms his status as a bonafide genius.
I know this is meaningless, but damnit people, VOTE!!!. It's becoming a matter of honor.

"Up shit creek without a precedent" QouterGal, thanks for the LOL.
Thank you, Shey - if I have handed you a laugh, it's worth burning in the everlasting hellfire I anticipate suffering for a lifetime of blasphemy.

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