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February 28 2007

(SPOILER) Exclusive panels from Buffy #1. Dread Central has the scoop with two previously unseen panels from the first issue.

At this rate we'll have read the entire issue before we get a chance to buy it.

These darn spoilers keep being so irresistible. It's just mean, I tells ya!
I managed to stop reading the spoilers once I realized how many there were going to be. But I think someone ought to put all the existing panels out there together and see how many pages have been shown already.
soon you won't even have to search for the torrent to get the entire #1... just check out whedonesque...
no, it's okay...
I love all this little tidbit goodness. Keep it coming.
Is it just me or does the girl on the left in the third panel look like she's wearing a hat "Molly Hat" from Runaways?
Is Joss getting his comic book gigs confused? Is Molly a slayer? Has Molly's hat joined Jayne's hat in super stardom?
Argh! I wish they would stop! I purposely avert my eyes when they show flashes of what will be happening on the current episode of BSG, and this is the same!

But it's so very hard...
I dunno...I've seen all these panels & I still can't piece a story together (maybe that's just me). But I am getting tired of feeling like everyone but me has already read it.
I want mine! Now!
I just managed to stop myself before I started clicking on those new panels.

In response to the previous invisible text:

And, it took me far too long to figure out what was going on the first panel. It must be the end of the day when I can't figure out pictures. Usually it's the words that trip me up.

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