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February 28 2007

How I Met Your Mother coming to digital TV in the UK. It premieres on Trouble Wednesday, 7th March at 9 (scroll down a little for "Programme of the Week")

Bizarrely, Firefly gets a mention in their little blurb! They seem to be playing two episodes a night with a repeat an hour later on Trouble Reloaded (according to the Radio Times website).

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I'd just like to say that the BBC (who showed this show first in the UK) totally mucked up their airing of this show (as they did with other US imports such as Buffy and Roswell). They started showing it at about 7.30 on a sunday evening (rubbish time slot anyway) and it progressively got earlier and earlier and went on random 1 or 2 week breaks. I missed more than 1 episode and in the end just gave up and downloaded it. Hopefully Trouble will do a better job (but seeing how they are a pretty unknown satellite channel it probably doesn't matter how good a job they do, no-one will be aware of it - it's a pity because this is such a great, intelligent sitcom).

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I watched season 1 on BBC2. Fortunately I have a good PVR, so didn't miss any eps. (Sorry, didn't mean to sound smug...much!) No news yet on when we'll be getting season 2.

FWIW it looks like Trouble is included in Virgin's standard cable TV package, so HIMYM may be available to watch on demand for a week after broadcast.

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