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"Must go attend to Wesley. See if he's still whimpering."
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February 28 2007

Joss Whedon (Is My Master Now). First the t-shirt, now the song. Essential listening.

Click on the relevant link on the MySpace Player to listen.

That is superb! So full of references only an obsesseive geek like me a real Whedon fan would get, including musical things. I love it!
LOL-Great song P.J.! You nailed it for me :)
I wish i had this on my ipod, best song ever.
If he only offered it in iTunes. He'd have enough money for a week at the San Diego Marriott inside of three hours.
That's really clever.
Everything said in that song is 100% true. I really need to download it.
Hilarious, but it made me feel every time I didn't get a reference. How many times?

An integer. Ain't sayin' no more.
OMG, that is awesome. I will have to listen to that on a daily basis!!!
I love it! It's now been added to my MySpace page. I would pay money for it. Not a lot, but I would... Best thing posted here all week! :-)

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That's a kick ass song.
It's great. Anyone find a transcript of the lyrics?

I somehow feel the online world is turning into podcasts and youtube videos and other things that have to be experienced in real time, when that same high tech world has made me less patient and more demanding for full control! Maybe soon everything will have automatic captions and I can drag a slider and read and get the visual highlights and chipmunk audio.

Sorry about wandering off topic. I like the song a lot, and would probably have listened all the way through once, regardless. o:-)

Edit: Nebula, that and the Fisher Price video are definitely my two favorite items from this week. Go fanware!

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The Fisher-Price thing is a close second, though I don't think I'll catch myself singing lines from it anytime soon (only because I've done that already). :-)
That's frickin' awesome!
I sent him a message about this being posted on Whedonesque (and also suggested he should charge for the song, as well as prepare for a deluge once this gets out to other sites) and this was his reply:

Great, thanks for the warning!

As for charging, you can let everyone know that the album version on 'Uke-a-holics Unanimous' has different lyrics than the posted version ;) That album is currently available through the website.

The new album coming out March 10th, 'Keep On Rockin' In The Flea World,' also has a track mentioning JW, though not as blatantly as this one.


The link to the site he mentions is on his MySpace.
Joss! Uke! Rockin'! This is truly the awesomest thing I've heard all week -- dang catchy and a cool find to boot. We ought to have a permanent link to this somewheres around here.... *goes away singing*
Very funny! But Joss has always been the master in my book.
Heh, wish I'd known about the lyric change. I bought the album and now I'm hoping it's equally good on the cd as on his MySpace. *worried*
What a find Simon. As Archie Bunker would say, "That was cherce!" Really, really cherce. Thanks, P.J.
Really wasn't that good.

I wish they had done this two years ago when another band did a really good tribute to Buffy and Joss.

This one was mediocre compared.
lol! that is amazing stuff there..:)
Made my day. And my final decision to actually but the tee shirt. I can only imagine the reaction, here in Pahoa, Hawaii. If i run into anyone who gets it I will ask him to marry me.

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Hee! That was great.

But Joss is totally a hedon.
"Like George Lucas with less cash
Or Chris Carter with more flash..."


Otherwise, meh.
Amusing! And kinda creepy--not surprised he lists Tiny Tim as an influence!
Yeah, it rox !

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