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March 01 2007

Is Willow the female Spiderman?, why Tara matters, and other things. A new blog called Pop Culture Heroines has entries on Willow, Tara and Buffy The Vampire Slayer Season 8 as well as other female orientated pop culture stuff.

It's Spider-Man. Spider HYPHEN Man. Good lord, why can people not figure that out? (It's a pet peeve.)

Also, Willow is most certainly not the female Spider-Man. She's got the "great power" but she completely missed the "great responsibility" part.
Hmm - spidermansays, where's your hyphen? ;-)
My last name is Spiderman.

Just kidding. Well, clearly, my case is the exception because hyphens just don't look good in usernames. I'd have had to go with spider-man_says or it would look like Spider Mansays. ;)

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