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March 01 2007

(SPOILER) The Number...22? Tom Lenk appears in "The Number 23" starring Jim Carrey and Virginia Madsen, receiving 22nd billing.

Theories on the significance of Tom, in the role of Bookstore Salesperson being one off from getting 23 (and thus the titular) billing welcome. And was he hired for the film because his initials T.L. add up to 32, 23 in reverse (T being the 20th letter and L the 12th)? Spoilers for character names only.

You mean, Ben is Glory? Now I'm thinking River must be made of chocolate. ;-)
Chocolate River? When did Willie Wonka get involved in this?
I spotted Tom with his "Andrew hair-circa-season 5 Angel" look in the film, but if you blink there's a good chance you'll miss him.
Yeah zengrrl I got very excited when I saw him, but was disappointed with how small a role it was. It's kind of funny because it's not the type of movie I'd usually go see, but I do like the leads and a friend wanted to see it. It's neat having a little verse surprise.
Heh, I was pretty sure that was him.

The Number 23 was a bit of a disappointment. It had a decent enough beginning and an appropriate conclusion, but the bulk of the middle bored me to tears. I liked the bit of levity they injected into the film, where appropriate, but there were parts that weren't intended to be funny that got chuckles out of me and most of the rest of the audience. I also squirmed and/or felt embarrassed for the film's script every time I heard the name "Fingerling". I'm not sure why. It's just awkward and stupid to hear uttered out loud.

Went with a friend to see it 'cause we both love Jim Carrey in his dramatic roles (and in a couple of his comedic performances). Also, once in a while Joel Schumacher creates genuine quality entertainment--Tigerland, Phone Booth--or at least good cult flick fun--The Lost Boys, Flatliners (actually Flatliners wasn't that good or fun). Haven't seen his Phantom of the Opera movie yet, got it taped though.
I was disappointed, or rather would have been had I expected much. There were some moments that had promise, and I admit that I didn't see the resolution coming, so the film had the appropriate amount of misdirection. But there are a lot of things in the film that just don't (dum dum) add up, and most of the film was pretty boring. The "in-book" scenes with Fingerling (why couldn't he have had a different name?) seemed to be going for a noir feel but felt too affected.

As far as the ending,

But yeah, a few good moments. And Jim Carrey is a terrific dramatic actor--Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind is still my favourite movie of this decade. (Yeah, yeah, even over Serenity, attack me if you will, although it's not all that far off.) As far as Schumacher, Falling Down had its moments, definitely, but the only other films of his I've seen are his Batman movies (let's not talk about that) and Flatliners, which, yes, not that good or fun.

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