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March 01 2007

(SPOILER) IGN's Buffy New Readers Guide. For all of us who need some catching up to do before Season 8 premieres, IGN has put together this handy-dandy guide.

Contains descriptions of major characters, all seven seasons, and what we can expect out of season 8.

Did you have trouble posting this? I deleted four other copies of this post.
Yeah, the system gave me a "Grr... argh" when I was posting... The rest was just sorta bad. Sorry about that.
No worry! :) Happens, lots of grr... argh going around tonight :
Well, I'm sure it's a great guide... But I don't really feel the need to read it, having watched the entire series at least twice.

Not so thrilled with their belief that Buffy should have ended after Season 5, though.

I really just want to read the comic! Too many spoilers and hints circulating now...
I think it's a nice idea to give people the chance to catch up with Buffy that may have fell out of fandom or those that are new to it and the comics.

There may be some issues with their synposis (wrong info) but at least it gives a pretty good overview. As for their opinion on the seasons, it's just that an opinion. I'm ok with it though, I don't think Buffy should have ended after Season 5 but I'm not that big of a fan of the execution of the storylines in 6 & 7.
It is funny how the overviews are pretty complete until they get to seasons 6 and 7. I guess if what is happening in Buffy's personal life or what is happening to Spike or Anna or to some extent Xander is not considered worth mentioning at all, it would seem like quite a bit was missing from the series. Weird.
Yeah, I would say that as an episode guide, its pretty flawed. Kind of surprising that someone that misinformed would feel themselves qualified to write an episode guide. Weird.
Well, that was ... not terribly good .

Sorry but if the aim is to catch people up with the show it would seem wise to concentrate less on the writer's personal opinions about seasons 1, 6 and 7 and more on actually getting the details right . Just one example in series three Spike is described as continuing to menace Buffy and her friends . Well I suppose he did a bit of menacing in the one episode he actually appeared in but rather more falling down drunk and telling Buffy and Angel a few much needed home truths about their relationship.

OK I admit it, I'm a season 6 fan and probably just a tad peeved at having my favourite season dismissed out of hand.

" exits muttering"
they got willow's name wrong. how good can it be?
Hey, that's okay, debw; I'm a major not-fan of S6! :-) But even though I sort of agreed with the author, I thought the write-ups were not very good, much as I wanted to like them. I get the sense this is someone invested in Xander, not invested in Willow and who liked the earliest seasons best (even though appearing to like S5 most of all). Most of the character studies were sort of shallow. As a lead in to the new comic, I am not sure it does a good job, because it downplays S6 and S7 so much that a reader might think, so what is going to be so good about S8?
If seasons 6 and 7 were unnecessary additions and the show should have ended with season 5 why on earth would they welcome a season 8?

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