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March 02 2007

Put your money where Seth Green's mouth is. Seth Green has joined Kevin Bacon's new website (link on Seth's page) that tells you what charities he supports and how you can, too!

Best. Idea. Ever. OK, there have been better ideas -- cocoa, for one (mmmm, cocoa) -- but this one rocks pretty hard. ;-)
I can't get it to post in my LiveJournal; any suggestions? It wouldn't be right for *me* not to have it! ;-)
And sliced bread billz, that's a doozy (even though I actually prefer unsliced bread ;).

This is a great idea since it obviously encourages people to give to charity and shows what's near and dear to our favourite celebs hearts.

(Seth Green, incidentally, has a Bacon number of 2 thanks to Rachel Blanchard being in 'Without a Paddle' & 'Where the Truth Lies')

And sorry OzLady, i'm totally clueless about LJ. You're right though, you of all people should be leaping on it, teeth bared. Possibly ;).
I'm with billz - take down this site and replace it with rich, delicious cocoa! What do you mean thats not what you said, billz? What? Cocoa is murder? What- why? Oh, because River is made of chocolate, I gotcha... cocoa is still delicious...
OzLady, the badge won't post to LiveJournal because it's contained in an IFRAME, which LJ strips out of the entry for security reasons. Kevin Bacon obviously has a hate-on for LJ and does not provide LJ friendly data. Possibly we should organize a write-in campaign.
zeitgeist, if they can come up with dolphin-free tuna, then I'm sure we can find some River-free chocolate for our cocoa. ;-)
And if they can come up with dolphin-free tuna I'm betting that we can sidestep the iframe issue if someone passes along the code :) Email that, though, it probably doesn't belong in the thread proper.
That's okay, janeway216, I was anti-LJ for a very long time. ;-)

And zeitgeist, I can always just post the link in my LJ, but if anyone DOES come up with a way to jump the IFRAME issue, email me please! *mwah*

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