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March 02 2007

(SPOILER) Fractal Matter reviews Buffy #1. Probably the most spoiler laden review to date. In related news, Dark Horse has launched a very cool new Buffy contest.

Anyone know anything more about this prize item?

Buffy the Vampire Slayer #1/2 Special Wizard Edition

Can't wait to pick issue 1 up.

Simon,Wizard used to put out #1/2 issues of various comics.You would just send a mail-in that was in each issue of Wizard Magazine with the few bucks cost and the issue would be sent to you.Each #1/2 issue featured an original exclusive story.I have a few.Wizard put out a #1/2 issue of the old Dark Horse Buffy series when it launched in 98.Unless they are putting out a new one,maybe they are giving a copy of the old #1/2 as a prize here.

They also did a Buffy/Angel #1/2 crossover issue a few years later.I have that.Haven't read it in a while but if I remember,it was set in season 4 Buffy/season 1 Angel.

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Just completing for Buffyfantic.
the 1/2 issues were mostly 12 to 16 pages stories with some extra material. I did post once a review here about Teen Titans #1/2, written by Geoff Johns with art from Ivan Reis, where the writer pointed of the several similarities between Rose Wilson and Faith.

The Buffy/Angel #1/2 - I think it was called "City of Despair" or something similar - was actually collected in a TPB, which was "Buffy, the Vampire Slayer: Food Chain" (although the Dark Horse page mention it aslo containing the first Buffy #1/2, the actual trade does not, as I own a copy of it).

As I pointed in the previeous paragraph, the first Buffy #1/2, was never collected or released in some other form. I hear it was a issue centered on Xander, and featured some craature designed by a fan from some contest Wizard had back then. I must have that old issue of Wizard with the contest, somewhere in my old magazines stack. That issue never got released in any other form, and is still today one of the issues that never appeared in a TPB.

UPDATE: Here's the link for the Buffy #1/2 issu in Dark Horse. Strangely, there's a page for this one, but there's ain't one for the Buffy/Angel one.

Top Cow has been a publisher who did release most of those #1/2 issues later on, either republishing the single issue or including it in TPBs. The Teen Titans #1/2 I mentioned in the first paragraph was republished by DC in the Teen Titans: Family Ties TPB.

Sadly this contest, unlike the essay one, is only for US residents.

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Thanks Buffyfantic and Numfar PTB, much appreciated.

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