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March 02 2007

Andy Barker, P.I. premieres on MSN. Watch the first episode of Jane Espenson's new series on MSN TV.

I was a fan of Andy Richter Controls the Universe (possibly the only one.) so in my book Andry Richter + Jane Espenson makes this a must watch in my book.
If I can get it to work I'm sure I'll be pleased. :)
Strange. There is a link to the clip,but when the player comes up, it says that the requested video is not available.

Booooooooooooooo! (I'm actually quite looking forward to this show.)
war_machine, I am also an Andy Richter Controls the Universe fan. I'm excited to see our !Kittens!Jane working with AR now! :-)
I'm looking forward to this. And I know at least a couple Andy Richter Controls the Universe Fans- just none who run Fox. But, that's just a different verse of a song we're all familiar with...

(Every year, I tell my sisters we should get a copy of "Riding Elevators The Irish Way!" for my mom's birthday.)
Count me in on the AR C's the U love. I was going to catch this anyway but now that I know JE's writing this one it's TiVo time.
billz, no one who loves puppies this much can't be all that bad right?
I've been seeing the ads for this and didn't think I would watch. I had forgotten Jane's involvement in it. So yes, it will be given a chance.
Andy Richter Controls the Universe was really good. Some of the best stuff in it's genre for sure. I'm really looking forward to this. Hope they'll nail it.
Yes, there were more than a few of us fans of 'Andy Richter Controls the Universe' - but not enough, per usual.

I'll wait for this one when it broadcasts. MSN = ugh! sigh. iTunes, I can deal with.
Puppies! Kittens! Andy Richter! Jane Espenson! Yes to all of the above! ;-)

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